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01-07-2011, 08:15 PM
If anyone knows the answer the this question or can point to the right thread that be great. If a physician could add their thoughts that would be even better.

I'm in my late 20's and norwood 3. I will probably progress to a norwood 4 by the time i'm in my late 30's. If i were to have a frontal procedure to return me to move me closer to a norwood 1/2, I'm curious as to how my hairloss would progress after that. I have had poor experiences with different hair loss supplements so have decided to stay away from those from now on. Would the transplanted hair remain and original pattern of hair loss continue (leaving the patch of transplanted frontal hair)? Would my hair loss start back over at the front again and proceed with a natural receding pattern?

01-08-2011, 03:15 AM
I am 29 and i have had my front part done.. i am in the same boat and i know that i maybe 5 to 10 years my front part will be fine but i will have lost hair in the part directly behind my transplanted hair.. but at that point i will just take it on me to go back and have a other transplant.

I personally think that when you go in at an early stage like you or even my self who got it done early when its thinning out a lot or loosing, you have to be prepared to commit your self for a other 1 or 3 procedures down the line.

but it depends on how fast your hair loss is and how much.
I have the fron tof my head thinning and i think it will stop for a good wile at the centre of my head so my front has been filled in now, and maybe in 5 years time i will have to fill the centre front part of it too.. but i spent 3 full days before the procedure researching and making sure i want making a mistake, and when i came to the conclusion that i would have to commit my self in doing this again in a few years time i said.. ok lets do it!

so your rite if you get the front done and leave the rest to fall out it will look silly, but if you eventually keep an eye on it and at a set stage decide to get it done again.. you will be ok.

Best of luck

Dr. Glenn Charles
01-12-2011, 09:52 PM
You definetely want to be conservative with the hairline because it is permanant and must still look appropriate as you continue to age. I agree that youf should understand that you may be making a long term commitment in that if you have additional hairloss in the future you may require additional procedures. The majority of the transplanted hairs will remain in place, but you could certainly have some thinning or loss behind the transplanted hairs.