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10-14-2015, 08:55 AM
Pantheon is a company focused on developing human cell based technologies for the treatment of wound and creation of a human skin test platform. The company was formed after the dissolution of Aderans Research Institute. The company has developed the ability to generate fully functional human skin from tissue culture expanded scalp derived stem cells. The generated skin contains epidermis, dermis, hair follicles, sweat glands, sebaceous glands, nerves, arrector pili, and adipose.


In Dr. Wu Xunwei's leadership, the Biological Technology Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the skin team for many years l we Ji'nan pan, and achieved a major breakthrough, our main goal is to develop cell techniquefor the treatment of sores, bald and the establishment of human skin testplatform model. We have developed a human hair cells from tissue cultureregeneration of all functions of human skin in mice.

This technique can be developed two kinds of products: one is the model of human skin(screening fordrug development, cosmetics and skin toxicity;), two is the clinical products.
For clinical products, we want to make our products develop into cells is better than all other products at present, mainly used for clinical productsthe following diseases: chronic skin sores, scar free wound recovery, burn,hair regeneration clinical products. Our goal is our products through clinical trials and can be approved to enter clinical to cure patients.

We have a good grasp of the characteristics of cells and cells from culturedand maintained in culture stem cell; mouse model of human skin with mature follicles can be reused. We in this mouse model with the cultured cells used for wound treatment and showed no scar healing. In this mousemodel can grow and can be accepted by people and beautiful hair. (they translated the site from chinese with google trad apparently, but the human hair they grew on the mouse are quite good, and they are cycling!)


Ji'nan Pan Sheng direction the main techniques of biological technology limited company is the organization of pluripotent stem cell isolation and culture, induced differentiation of human skin tissue organ regenerationmodel and its application, at present, in the stem cell of human skin tissue engineering has made innovative breakthroughs, the regeneration of the skin contains the epidermis and dermis, hair follicles, sweat glands,sebaceous glands, nerve, and the existing technology can only simple regeneration of epidermis and dermis. Has the international leading level of this technology.

The company based on the field of regenerative medicine, and strive to 5 years to build the company biotechnology firm with international influence.Short term goal: 2013 to complete the registration, the application for a patent for invention 1, completed the "identification of scientific and technological achievements stem cell regeneration of human skin tissue",formulate and improve marketing planning and product samples. To complete the "experimental animal use certificate" and "experimental animalproduction license.". 2014 completed the SFDA declaration and "human skin tissue model" marketing, to complete an application for a patent for invention a, MWV cooperation with the United States, representing our"human skin tissue model" in the United States for the application,application and built Municipal Engineering Technology Research Center,and actively apply for GLP, GMP certification. In 2015 the establishment of new cooperation company, declared the FDA, investment in R & D cell differentiation inducing agents and enzyme products, company diversified development. "


I found hhis company as he filed this patent in Feb 2015 : Preparation of a tissue-engineered skin with the dermal cells

https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=zh-CN&u=https://www.google.com/patents/CN104667352A%3Fcl%3Dzh%26dq%3Ddermal%2Bpapilla%2Bp atent&prev=search

and the last update of the website text is april2015

their protocol can grow cosmetically hair, though the problem are maybe still expansion and keep inductive potential, to make hundreds of these hair by replicate the protocol. We saw progress and those two problems can be solved with differents things/ways, but still really expensive i think and hard and time consuming
the all in one protocol has to become cheap and easy to be commercializable

but this taking place in china, maybe we could be not aware of promising things there. Maybe Pantheon could be already in contact with a company to build a hair regeneration treatment using a combination of Wu Xunwei protocol + a technique to keep cells inductive potential during expansion in a cheap way ( 3D scaffolds, environment culture, or whatever , etc..)

like this recent technique for exemple from chinese scientists as well:

jun 2015

Wnt1a maintains characteristics of dermal papilla cells that induce mouse hair regeneration in a 3D preculture system.

The 3D air-liquid culture system for reproducibly generating hair follicles from dissociated epithelial and dermal papilla (DP) cells combined with a collagen-chitosan scaffold is described in this study. Wnt-CM was prepared from the supernatant of Wnt1a-expressing bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BM-MSCs) that maintain the hair-inducing gene expression of DP cells. The collagen-chitosan scaffold cells (CCS cells) were constructed using a two-step method by inoculating the Wnt-CM-treated DP cells and epidermal (EP) cells into the CCS.

The results demonstrate that Wnt-CM can maintain the hair induction ability of DP cells in expansion cultures, and this approach can be used for large-scale preparation of CCS cells in vitro to treat hair loss

let's contact pantheon company , see if they answer something

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Amazing find... replicel needs to contact them lol

10-14-2015, 10:21 AM
Amazing find... replicel needs to contact them lol

Lacazette, I don't know how you have all this time on your hands, but if you're spending all this time finding these articles anyway (and doing a very good job at it I might add) then I have a suggestion for you:

Why don't you liaison between the different research groups out there (Replice/Shiseido, Follica, Dr. Christiano, etc.), and forward any findings that you think would be relevant to other researchers? One lab might be struggling to solve a problem that another lab has already solved.

If you're already spending the time finding these research papers, I think you should put it to good use by making sure it falls into the right people's hands. To us on the forum it's just interesting and encouraging, but there are labs out there that would probably benefit greatly from this type of information. Just a thought...

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Hey Lacazette, have you got a *** profile? Set one up and send me a PM man! TJT also has the right idea.

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Hehe Shook, well replicel/shiseido have already all they need i think, but it could be cool if pantheon with a big chinese pharma could work on a treatment under the radar
as china and japan are not friend, it could be hard competition with even china gov implication to facilitate the processus ^^ yeah im dreaming but there is a little probability as they are 'ennemy' and there is money to make

on pantheon HF:
[0082] 6 months stained tissue sections (hematoxylin - eosin staining) analysis showed that the regeneration of the skin and skin structure structure very similar to adult scalp contains epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue layer, and the regeneration of hair Its mature hair shaft is connected to sebaceous glands and dermal papilla, as detailed in the accompanying drawings shown in Figure 2.

[0083] 3 Conclusions:

[0084] 3.1 regenerate skin has the ability to grow hair follicle cycle:

[0085] We observed different growing follicles appear on the same tissue section, which shows regeneration of hair follicles are functional growth cycle. The ability to grow hair follicle cycle is a measure of mature follicles important standard, in order to further monitor the function of the hair cycle, the nude body hair bobbed hair for observation cycle. After cutting a month, can be found in the regeneration of hair to grow back, this is further evidence of hair regeneration is functional

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Hey guys thanks ^^ of course I would be okay to put the findings for whoever interlocutor, but I think big companies and hair loss researchers who work on the cure are already doing the job , checking progress, other studies, etc.. I'm sure they don't need a person like me to tell them where to look ^^ otherwise we would be in a shitty scared situation hehe
but yes maybe it could be a bit useful for young researchers new in the game or poor companies/labs who don't have the time (even if it's take me 10min each other day) to search key words for key studies ,
but for the ones who concretely work on a hair treatment I think it's ok guys, we should not be scared they know what's goin on, as there is millions of dollars to make;)

yes Jaym I'll send you a pm this night or tomorrow ;)

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Great find!

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We can contact the company here : lianda1979@163.com

but if someone could also find their own mails :

The team consists of Xunwei Wu, Bryan Marshall and Minh Vo.
Xunwei Wu has a Ph.D. in medicine from Fudan University, and did postdoctoral traning in Max Planck Institute in Germany and in Harvard Medical School, USA
Bryan Marshall has a Ph.D. in Bioengineering/Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology
Minh Vo has a B.S. and M.S. in Manufacturing Engineering from Syracuse University & Packaging Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology

The team consists of two Ph.D. scientists with a proven research record and one Masters level engineer with executive and extensive product development experience.
这个团队中两名博士研究员有很好的研究成果纪录(论文和专利)和一名硕士级的工程师有开发产品 的经验。

The team has over 30 years of experience in the cell based therapy/regenerative medicine field; and over 30 years of experience in FDA regulated industry.

there's also the two other chinese mentioned in the skin patent why not

10-15-2015, 05:46 AM
Another great find lacazette. You should look up the www.news-medical.net/?tag=/baldness
site it has some interesting news/articles on the harloss research and companies.

10-15-2015, 10:11 AM
Yeah no doubt the companies would also be alerted of these findings, after all they are all competing for the cure... just wishful thinking they're all unaware and we could cut timeliness ourselves :p

Laz you're def the most intelligent contributing member on the cutting edge forum haha