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01-24-2010, 10:27 AM

01-25-2010, 11:54 AM


Above is me with a shaved head, below is what it looks like grown out (probably a bit thinner now) losing hair so fast:


It's so depressing atm because I don't feel I have the right head to pull off the shaved look well sometimes, I'm not symetrical at all. I'm sure you can notice where my head rises at the back, and I have a ridge - generally my head is more elongated. The promising thing is my mates haven't said anything about the shape of my head (and they would) so I hope it's more me that is bothered about it.

01-25-2010, 02:44 PM
Hey Joe,
First of all I want you to know that you look fantastic with a shaved head! If you decide to keep it shaved youíve already won the battle.
I wanted to check in to let you know that I did receive your profile message, and I was planning on getting back to you...Iíve just been really busy. Iíll try to post an audio response addressing your concerns sometime today.
Hang inhere!

01-25-2010, 09:25 PM
Not to worry, whenever I can get some feedback it will be appreciated. I'm so glad I joined up to the forum with someone like you on here giving out great advice, along with professional surgeons and the like.

01-26-2010, 01:29 PM
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01-26-2010, 04:31 PM
Wise words from Spencer there. I totally agree.

I think it's worth sticking with the propecia. Morning erections serve no real purpose and I'm sure you would have mentioned it if there were problems at other times. As for brain fog, I do know that this sort of mental issue can result from anxiety and depression.

01-26-2010, 08:38 PM
Thanks for the audio message Spencer, it's great of you to take the time to do that, I really appreciate it. In all fairness, that picture of me with a shaved head is a good one, when I look bad I feel like I look really bad - I have considered otoplasty on my ears as they protrude somewhat, I have always been self conscious of them. It seems that nobody makes a big deal of the bump on my head which is good, so I'm slowly getting over that. As for the mention of the facial hair, I have already got that going on haha, I'm just letting a beard naturally grow and it looks good. I think the whole trimmed facial hair thing looks terrible on young bald men compensating, you have to keep it rugged in my opinion otherwise you can tell it's a little try hard.

Back to the finasteride side effects - I actually have lowered my dosage to roughly 0.25-0.5 mg a day and I did this quite a while ago, I think I will try 0.5 mg every two days, I just don't want to give up. I can still perform in the bedroom quite fine generally, but I do find it a little harder to get erections at times and I sometimes lose them faster than I used to. Though, if I can see success from finasteride, such suffering is probably worth it.

To let you know a little more about my situation with hairloss, I recently dropped out of a good university studying Geography here in the UK, I didn't like the course but to be honest it was the anxiety from the hairloss that really messed things up, I had to deal with the course not being as I expected, my hair loss getting much worse, and leaving my girlfriend - it was too much at once and exams were right around the corner. The good news is, I have a place at a just as good university for next year (found out today) so I have this year out to really try and find myself again and you know, make sure I can beat this and not let it affect me next time around. I'm going to Egypt next month, and there I'm gonna try out the fully shaved look, it will be interesting to see how much difference it makes to the no guard (I'm preying it doesn't scare me) oh and I will have my super bald dad there to support me.

01-27-2010, 07:02 AM
In the photo where you aren't totally shaved to the skin, how long is your hair? Is there a mid point between the two levels that you might be more comfortable with?

01-27-2010, 10:32 AM
Ears are easy to fix with little chance of visible scaring or need for repair. Hair is not quite as easy, so if you can be happy with fixed ears and a shaved head, I think Kobren is right on about you looking good that way. Just my 2 cents.:)

01-28-2010, 08:07 AM
In the photo where you aren't totally shaved to the skin, how long is your hair? Is there a mid point between the two levels that you might be more comfortable with?

I have that about now, I don't like it though - I feel balding, rather than shaved if you know what I mean, it's kind of phsychological.

01-28-2010, 05:00 PM
Out of interest, are there any other young guys on here that aren't really treating there hair loss and shaving instead? I haven;t came across one :(

01-28-2010, 05:11 PM
I think the shave option, being a defiant middle finger at hairloss, is mainly going to be taken by the guys who don't spend time on forums like this. But out there in the world there are many guys with MPB who shave their heads. You're British. So am I. I see shaved heads everywhere these days. It's rare to see a British male under the age of, say, forty who is experiencing hairloss (at a NW3/4 or above) and who is letting their hair grow out. Many guys over that age are also choosing to shave it.

01-28-2010, 05:43 PM
I have that about now, I don't like it though - I feel balding, rather than shaved if you know what I mean, it's kind of phsychological.

I totally get what you're saying. Shaved >>>>> balding. One is a lifestyle and stylistic choice. The other is perceived as a genetic defect (despite how common it is).
I think your head shape is fine to pull off the shaved look. Mine is far worse than yours, and that's why I couldn't shave mine. If I could, I would do it happily. But honestly, with the look you've got, all you need is some gym time (I don't know if you're in shape already), and you're pretty much set.
But yeah, honestly, I would kill to have your head shape.

01-31-2010, 10:35 PM
I'm really not sure, I have a fresh shave now on my head, I will upload another picture, for some reason it's really striking me every time I shave my head, I just cannot deal with the bumpy shape. I never thought I would ever say this, but if things don't get better, I might look at hairpieces. I feel so ashamed about it, but when I imagine myself without any stubble my heart sinks, and I can't even visualize my life with any happiness, I envision it looking totally repulsive.

I have been partying quite a bit this week, and I am seeing my ex who I still have a thing going with and I can't help but think that all the things that I love in my life are going to be ruined. All I wanted was to go to University, carry on being myself and developing my personality, having a good time, developing my career. Generally enjoying the best years of my life. But now? No way, not with this self esteem it's already influencing what I want to do with my life career wise - I love fashion, I love photography, I love music and media, but slowly I'm just losing all my passion for everything and envisioning myself as a recluse. I have a great family, and I have great friends, the thought of ruining it all is so heartbreaking.

02-01-2010, 11:26 AM
Here are the pictures in low light, probably as honest as they can be:




Be honest, the bald look isn't for me is it? I'm not symmetrical at all, I swear somethings not right with my head.

02-01-2010, 01:08 PM
Joe, those who said you look good with a shaved head were being honest with you.

You also have very good symmetry. I hope this can prove it to you.


Your skull does seem to raise up at the rear. I don't think this is unusual or unsightly.

02-01-2010, 01:48 PM
I think you good with a shaved head. You should have a friend take your picture to get a more realistic view. Itís hard when you take your own with your arms stretched out. Maybe some video too. Weíll be honest with you.

02-01-2010, 02:09 PM
I think you good with a shaved head. You should have a friend take your picture to get a more realistic view. It’s hard when you take your own with your arms stretched out. Maybe some video too. We’ll be honest with you.

I will use a timer.

Yeah, the back of my head has a raise that meets in the middle, Andre Agassi has something similar going on I think, but in my opinion not quite as bad:


02-01-2010, 02:16 PM
I'd say that Agassi's head is pretty much the same as yours in that regard.

02-02-2010, 01:56 AM
I took at least 1.mg of my FINCAR last night, and I have woken up this morning with not just aching testicles, but pains travelling through the shaft of my penis. I just tried to have a play to see what's happening down there, and it feels a bit dead, I cannot get an erection. It could well be anxiety, but christ, it's scary :(

02-02-2010, 11:33 AM
Joe, it sounds like you are psyching yourself out. I read your posts, why not go back to .5 every other day or so. Slowly work your body up to the full 1mg. Youíll be okay, you just have to stop thinking about it so much!

02-06-2010, 06:27 PM
Joe, it sounds like you are psyching yourself out. I read your posts, why not go back to .5 every other day or so. Slowly work your body up to the full 1mg. Youíll be okay, you just have to stop thinking about it so much!

That's exactly what I have been trying to do, and my body still keeps getting the same side effects. Since I have topped up, the patch on my skin is back, then pain in the testicles is new (at this late in to taking it). Also the night I posted about the pains, the next 3 days I stayed with an ex, and let's just say my semen was extremely clear - off topping up on propecia in one night?

I'm going to Egypt for 2-3 months monday, and I have forgot to se a derm. I think I will have to just keep taking very low dosages until I get back. I read on a site that, aching testicles and any skin irritation are serious sides and that you should consult the doctor who prescribe the meds immedietely if you get such side effects?

02-07-2010, 08:54 AM
hi joe im just going to repeat what others already said "you look good with a buzz cut" i also had mayor sides when started on 1.25mg of finas , had to lower the dose to 1/6 of a pill with good results.. that might work for you..

keep fighting

02-17-2010, 08:07 AM
I will come back to the shape of my head when I get home and can take pictures next month, all I can say is that I'm still freaking out. But that aside I have a question.

The FINCAR I have used since I started taking medication has gave me all the typical side effects consistently throughout usage, however my hair hasn't improved. It's been 5 months, and at around the 2 month mark I quit for a week, and I quit for a week around month 3. Could the FINCAR not be working for me? is switching to Proscar a good idea?

I stopped taking any fincar for 4 days recently, and I can already tell my morning erections and libido are coming back slightly. I'm going to hardly take any until my libido is back to normal and then go again on 0.25 a day, something like that.

02-17-2010, 08:44 AM
The thing is, Joe, the fin might not give you any improvement at all. I don't believe I had any improvement myself. The main advantage from taking it -- and this is where I believe I have benefited myself -- is the maintenance of existing hair. I haven't scratched out a miniaturized hair in years, and I have noticed no change in my hairline whilst taking the drug.

02-17-2010, 09:21 AM
Ah yes, sorry I said that all a bit wrong, I understand that propecia only 'improves' some people's hair. My hair seems to have gotten worse though. Just how much can stressing about it speed up the loss? is it possible that I have maybe shed some? the one doctor I spoke to about my hair loss was a bit of an idiot, but she did say that stress will make it all happen faster and I have had anxiety attacks and all sorts since I started diffuse thinning.

If I could maintain my hair now that would be fantastic, because although I'm wet shaving my head totally bald, the stubble does wonders - hopefully if the sexual side effects subside with the lower dosage, that might work to maintain for a few years.

02-19-2010, 10:08 AM
5 days without fincar again now, I can already tell my libido is up and morning 'plumpness' is coming, but still not rock hard erections. Plus my little brown patch on my head has subsided almost fully - in a way it's quite handy, it's like an indicator for how much finasteride I have in my bloodstream. I read that it can take up to 2-4 weeks for your body to be totally back to normal after taking fin, so I'm going to give it some more time and from then on just play with the dosages. I think it's fair to say my hair loss pattern fits common male pattern baldness, and diffuse thinning, but could a check up at the doctors be worth it to see if anything is speeding it up or anything? I have a skin problem elswhere, although not very serious, maybe I just need to go to a derm and confront some serious embaressment.

02-19-2010, 07:58 PM
Sorry, another post here - but what the **** is going on with this?

Women of child bearing potential should not handle crushed or broken Fincar tablets and avoid exposure to the semen of men on Fincar because of the potential risk to the male foetus.

That information was taken from inhousepharmacy. Women should avoid the SEMEN of patients on Fincar? this is sort of a problem. I know this could be an incorrect warning, but I thought I had better check.

Back to one of my previous questions too. IF the FINCAR is giving me sexual side effects, does this sort of assure me that it's legit stuff? there's no chance of lower quality from CIPLA in India is there?

02-28-2010, 05:06 PM
Hi guys, not many replies on here are there? I would appreciate some feedback on this pleaseeeeee.

So it's been 10 or so days without FINCAR, the morning erections are back, and generally I'm getting much more firm down there if you catch my drift. The finasteride definitely effects me, no doubt about it.

However, the red patch isn't disapearing this time, and it only becomes more red when I take any. Do you think this patch is something to be concerned about on my head?

Like I say I want to visit a derm when I get back, but from what I have read on forums, doctors and derms can be pretty useless when it comes to side effects.

I cna upload some new pics soon too. I really don't want to give up totally you see, I'm just wondering if it's wise to carry on taking any at all with this number of side effects, even if they do subside with a very low dosage.

03-01-2010, 05:20 AM
Maybe you should see a derm in the country you are visiting. I'm no MD, but going a few months without treating the red patch sounds potentially dangerous.

03-01-2010, 09:17 AM
I will get a picture of the red patch up tonight. I took about 1 mg of fin last night to see if it comes up stronger as usual and it has, so I will get the picture today. It's very interesting how nobody else has suffered this side effect, and just in case anybody thinks it may not be the fin, I am 100% sure because I have came off fin 4-5 times and each time it has subsided, then it comes back with taking it. Anyway, I probably should be careful so I won't be taking anymore AT ALL from now, I will just use the heavy redness now for a picture.

03-01-2010, 09:44 AM


Can you see it? It's brownish/ reddish and a slightly different texture.

03-01-2010, 09:56 AM
I see what you mean. It would have been helpful if you'd taken a photograph before you started the fin again to document the change. This is an unusual side effect which is why nobody is replying, and many people would probably assume that the two are unrelated. You seem certain of the link though, and it sounds like you've noticed a clear pattern of change. Seeing a derm is probably your best bet. Unfortunately you'll probably have to wait a while unless you go private. I know this is an unsatisfying response for someone who wants answers, but it's all you can really do.

Actually, if you contacted the email address in my signature and asked to be forwarded to me (Matt) then there's something I could say in private.

03-01-2010, 10:46 AM
I am totally certain, having came off the drug a number of times as mentioned and it fading as I have done that, it shows there is a link. I need to see a doctor about some other things, I don't want to bombard my doctor about loads of issues so I'm going to just stay away from the finasteride and see if it goes as I expected it to have done by now. The only thing I was hoping was that I could do really low dosages to avoid sexual side effects, but if the patch is still always there it will always concern me a bit.

When I get back to the UK I think I will purchase some minodoxil and give that a shot, how common are side effects with that?

03-02-2010, 06:53 PM
I may as well outline what I plan to do when I get back to the UK to have one last shot at this battle.

After speaking to a guy around my age, I have decided to try real propecia rather than the generic version, he claimed that the generic stuff from inhouse gave him bad sides whereas normal propecia didn't. It sounds like it was totally coincidental, but I may as well try right? I think he's going to help me get the prescription too.

So here is a list:

. Propecia
. Minodoxil 5% (foam or liquid best for my short hair?)
. Nizoral (every 3rd day)
. Iron supplements
. T gel to combat itching from Minodoxil

Is there anything else that I could consider? Vitamins, anything like that?

03-05-2010, 09:20 PM
Anybody out there?

Mane Man
03-06-2010, 08:04 PM
Hi Joe,

thanks for sharing what you are going through. I just wanted to echo what some other fellas have said in that you look fine with the shaved head and no-your head is not mishaped at all. Best of luck with finding something that works best for you. You are ahead of me experimenting with the various treatments and I appreciate you sharing your findings. Stay strong brother.

03-08-2010, 06:43 PM
Another thing. Considering last year I was only going at the temples, and I'm now getting the sebum shine and general crazy thinning up top is there a possibility that it can be anything other than MPB?

It does run in the family, and it is young, but not quite this young. If it's not worth checking just tell me straight up. I just want to make sure. I assume it wouldn;t be in a mpb pattern if it were anything else right?