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11-16-2009, 06:59 AM
I am losing my hair at 23 already I've admitted/posted about that, however for now I can style my hair in such a way that it isn't as apparent how bad my hair is (my hair is thinning in the crown such that if the sides are short and the top is basically a glorified comb over it looks pretty natural to me ), however I had tried to cut my hair myself and had to shave my head. As its growing back it is so apparent how bad my hair is. I can't tell exactly but it seems like my hair is thinner than last year at this time...
I've read a bunch of posts here and Spencer David Kobren did one of those awesome audio responses to my introduction post, but I'm having a super hard time the past few weeks. I can't help but feeling that being so obsessed and bothered by my hairloss is incredibly superficial. I find myself looking up celebrities who are bald or looking at everyone I know's crown area...Its starting to cut into my work at times. Is it possible to be clinically depressed from this? That seems really absurd, and even after reading how many people on the forum feel the same way I can't help but feel that its absurd. Sometimes I don't want to leave the house or see anyone, because even if it might make me feel better or be something that would be beneficial to me because I might be under really bright light or someone will make some crack about me. Its so strange because normally I don't give a crap what people think..but this I am incredibly sensitive about...Let's not even talk about trying to talk to ladies...I was super nervous about that stuff before now its ridiculous how bad it is.
How do you guys deal with this stuff or at least put it out of your head? Sometimes its not too bad but then some days I can't do ANYTHING.

11-16-2009, 08:29 AM
I'm 20, and in a fairly similar situation, and it seriously sounds like your describing me. All I can say is that feeling/obsession is very on and off for me. One week I'll feel like shit, then the next I'll just be like "F it" and I wont feel that bad about my plight. I just keep reminding my self that in terms of the spectrum of human suffering this issue is a joke.:o

11-16-2009, 01:27 PM
it sounds like you are in the exact same position i was in when i was your age. i started losing mine at about 23 as well. i'm now 33. i went through a few different regimens and have ultimately ended up using nizoral, dutasteride, and rogaine w/retin-a. i've stopped it and gained some back (or thickened the miniturized hair). when people look at me, they don't know i've lost some hair. there has been no noticeable regression over the years. i was out last weekend with some friends, a few of which were losing their hair, and one actually said, "you look like you're not having any problems," referring to my hair. my point is there are things you can do about it. i hope sharing my story with you will brighten your outlook. good luck, and keep checking this site for tips. it's the best one i've found.

11-17-2009, 07:20 PM
Hey man, I'm in the same situation too... Sometimes I feel okay, but sometimes I don't, and I blame a lot of that on losing my hair. I think it feels so shitty for me because I feel like there's a cure now for pretty much every other physical condition except this one (hair loss is so public - meaning that anyone can see it). Another thing that bothers me is that if you're even 30 you are a pretty decent candidate for hair transplant but for the people who are just starting to lose their hair in the early 20's, there's hardly a shot at ever holding onto all of your hair. I'm just starting college this year, so you can imagine how many things I should be thinking about (ie good career, awesome wife, kids) and all I can think about is losing my hair and no one wanting to **** me anymore. It sounds so ridiculous sometimes. But I hear it all the time, people (especially in their early 20's) making fun of the kid with the horseshoe. And it's so unfair. I also find it bizarre that sometimes I get so demotivated to do anything, and wind up wanting to blame everyone but myself for losing my hair (my mom, my brother, my father who died when I was young and I'm even frustrated with him sometimes). Honestly, I just want my hair back. I think things would be alot easier and I would feel much more motivated to go out and just be happy about how I look for a change. The way you look at yourself is very important, and theirs nothing fun about feeling like you look bad. I also feel like if I lose my hair, that I pretty much failed the biggest fight of my life, which is why I just can't let go, although I feel like it's a battle better fought now than 20 years ago (dark ages). I hope you guys can relate to this in some way, shape or form, and if nothing else at least we are finally aloud to talk about this together as if it isn't some outdated taboo.

11-17-2009, 10:38 PM


I started losing hair when I was 20. I am 34 yrs old now, and just started regrowing some of my frontal hair. I never thought i was possible until now.
I had a HT 2 months ago for my crown, but after the HT I decided to start using almost ever product for hairloss out there which had some scientific backing to it. Why, because I wanted to give the transplanted hairs the best chance of survival. In the process I discovered that I was also getting frontal hair growth. (which is not where the transplant was)
My nontransplanted hair is thicker and darker now than it has been for years.

My advice is to do something now while you still have follicles.

Even if you are getting miniaturization of the follicles, or it appears areas are balding, you CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT- you can regrow hair, with the modern technology and new products out there.

Male pattern hair loss is a multifaceted thing.
Meaning you need to attack it many different ways to get the best result.
Simply trying one thing will probably not work for you, or just give you average results.

So if you tried minoxil or propecia and it didnt work for you, it just means
you didnt try combination therapy and you didnt try long enough, or you didnt use the right products. (I tried both separately and got no real results). You gotta hit it with everything you can!

You will need to spend more money, but even if you decide to get a HT later, you will still need to maintain your existing hair anyway, or you will need to get further HTs.
A HT should be the LAST RESORT. You guys are still young. You can save your miniaturized hairs.

My friend and I have been using Promox 5% and both of us are now getting frontal hair growth. For him, he didnt see results for about 3 months. So you need to be patient.
So you younger guys have an even better chance of denser growth than us. I should have started this regime earlier if I knew about. In fact, I probably wouldnt have gone for the HT either.

I am also using
1) Nanogen Scalproller (highly recommended)
2) topical spirolactone
3) Revivogen shampoo daily
4) Dutasteride 1 mg daily
5) Saw Palmetto 3200 mg daily
6) MSM 3000 mg daily
6) Hairmax Laser Comb daily

You may not be able to afford all these products but I would recommend you start with promox, dutasteride and a good shampoo like Revivogen at least.

Before the HT, I only tried Propecia or Minoxidil and didnt get results because I didnt attack the problem fully from all angles. Listen to what mkamph is saying too.


11-19-2009, 12:58 PM
Dealing with hair loss at any age is tough, but it's even worse when you're young and in college. People don't realize how much of an affect hair loss has on an individual. For me, hair loss is a day-to-day issue that severely hampers my lifestyle. So much energy gets wasted worrying, being anxious, and researching any possible solution. I'll tip my hat to any hair loss sufferer that doesn't let it get to them. I'm someone who will likely never accept hair loss and will continue to be negatively affected. Everyone has a choice on how to emotionally handle their hair loss, but when you look at yourself in the mirror everyday and are unhappy, it certainly takes its toll on your self-image and your personal view on life.

11-21-2009, 09:40 AM

I can totally relate to you, and the rest of the guys.

I started losing hair at 20, so I can empathize with you.
So I have been dealing with this issue for 14 years.

I really want to help you guys. Because I don't think its necessary for anyone to go through the mental trauma that I went through.

2 Things I can say:

You can either be solution focused or problem focused.
You can be a victor or a victim.

Ok, so you're losing hair. Have your time to 'deal' with it, vent etc., then stop, shake yourself out of this pattern and start doing something about it!

When I think about it, there are so many people less fortunate than myself.

There are stories like people with
osteogenesis imperfecta - google 3 foot giant
a guy in china who had elephantitis- elephant man syndrome
people who are blind, deaf, mute, in wheel chairs, quadrapelgics,
living in countries fuelled by war etc.

Our problems are insignificant compared to theirs.

If you keep focusing on the problem, you will NOT get anywhere.
You get what you focus on. Yes, some days I think about it too, but I do something about it, and I focus my attention on solutions and other things.
If I knew that it was possible to regrow hair before, would I be sitting on the fence? No of course not. And neither would you.
If you focus on solutions, you have a 100 x better chance of succeeding.

Yes, there is more pressure in college, but in the meantime, you can purchase some concealer products on the market such as mane, toppik etc. or a hat/bandana etc
whilst you are using other products to regrow your hair.

There are products you can take now, which are much more effective for hair loss treatment than there was 10 years ago.

I never ever believed I could actually regrow hair, let alone frontal hair until
3 weeks ago. And neither did my friend who as I mentioned before is 36. I thought the follicles had already died, around the widows peaks. But now they are slowly closing up - it will probably take another few weeks, but I can wait. And I'm 34!

Preserve what you have now, and know that even if you think you are balding at your age, a lot of these follicles are just dormant, and CAN be revived.

You will never know unless you try and give it your best shot to regrow your hair. And if you don't try, well I'm sorry, you will just have to live with MPD or get a HT later on which I strongly do not recommend, plus you will still need to maintain your existing hair with minoxidil etc anyway.

11-21-2009, 11:41 AM

did you go through the online evaluation to get the promox or are you getting it some other way?

11-21-2009, 06:58 PM

I rang Dr Klein's office and spoke to him directly so he could figure out what dosage I needed and got the order through him.

Most people will try something, and then give up and say it doesnt work because they complain about sides, or they are inconsistent in the usage. It has to become part of your lifestyle.

I think the fact that it has topical finasteride in it might have something to do with it working better than the average minox.

There was a study that I read initially a few months ago about it, which claimed that the incorporation of topical finasteride was 3x more effective than minoxidil alone: (I'm a research junkie, so I will spend a few hours online trying to find all this stuff)

Like anyone else I was a bit skeptical about it because I had no idea whether the studies are 'rigged' or not, but hey its obviously working for me and my friend, so I don't have doubts about it now. The only other product I know which has topical finasteride in it is ******* 15% plus, which I heard via some other forums is working for some other guys too for frontal hair growth. I only got the ******* 15% plus recently and only use it every 3 days, but I think the Promox is probably enough. I think if you use the ******* 15% plus too often you may get some initial shedding.

I don't use the promox cream, I just use the promox 5% spray about 2-4 x a day. But Dr Klein will advise you on what you need depending on what stage of hair loss you are at.

I think the nanogen scalproller helps too though, by increasing penetration of the promox solutions about 5x. I really started noticing the hair regrowth even more after I started using it.

11-22-2009, 06:23 AM

thanks for the info. i'll call his office next week. i already ordered the nanogen scalproller per one of your earlier posts, so i'm looking forward to seeing how that works for me.

thanks for sharing your regimen and i'll post an update of my results in 3 months or less.

11-22-2009, 09:44 AM
no worries mkamph. I checked with my friend today. He is only using the 5% spray as well. I think the 15% cream may be a bit too strong if your hair loss is not really bad, and may cause initial shedding, but I guess it depends on what level of hair loss you have. i think you will get less sides too if you can order promox without propylene glycol in it. good luck!