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12-09-2012, 01:41 AM
Hey guys - not sure if I should be posting this in the story, or treatments section - but seeing as people will be looking in here for treatments, this seems like the better place :)

A quick intro then - 31/yo male - dealing with receding hair for a long long time. My family has a natural history of a high hairline (Which I just had to deal with) - but from about 2008 it started to get much worse.

To sort this out - I went and had a HT in the frontal section - and all was good.

I started on Fin at the same time - but quit it a few months later due to sides. Jury's out as to whether I really had them, or it was psychological (I'm that kinda person) - but in any case, I quit. Blood work showed hormonal changes had happened .. but then .. I guess they would :)

I didn't want to start Minox as I didn't wanna have to deal with some foam or liquid everyday - so I left it at that.

Jump forward 4 years - and it became obvious that my recession was continuing - and now the hair behind the HT hairline was becoming thinner. This could obviously turn into a disaster - so I had to rethink my earlier plans.

I refused to go back on Fin, or any of the experimentals (due to the way my mind thinks) - so decided it was time to start in Rogaine (Foam) and generic Nizoral.

So about 4 weeks ago - that is what I did.

I'm going Niz (2%) 2x a week (Sun and Thu) and the Rogaine once or twice a day (trying for 2, but keep forgetting - lol).

For the Niz, I just wash my hair as normal first - then put a few drops in my hand and lather up - not loads, but it makes a good lather. I see some people say only use it once a week, but I don't seem to have had any adverse affects. It took about 2 applications until the horrible MPB itch stopped - yay!

The rogaine I am applying a biggish blob in the crown, then parting my hair down the middle and applying a thin line all the way down. Finally, for the front bit, applying blobs until it's all covered. I'm doing this all straight from the can. I'll estimate this is just over 1ml each time as the can ran out after 1 month even though I'd only done mainly once a day.

After about 1 week - I started to shed BIG TIME. The hair just in front of the crown (coming forward) really started to thin - and the frontal bit (just behind the hairline) got destroyed. Lol. It's not all gone, but a lot lot thinner. Luckily, I can simply spike my hair up (from the HT) and the thinness gets covered - so it's not all bad - but really scary!

This shedding lasted until a couple of days ago and now seems to be stabilising - so now the long long growing wait begins.

The way I am checking shed is simple. I apply the foam as usual. Wait for it to dry. Make sure my sink is clean of hairs, then simply brush all my hair forward with my hands. During the shed time, at least 30 hairs would fall out doing this - now only about 10 or so come :)

About sides - well - I shouldn't read the internet so much, but I got really freaked out after about 3 weeks that my eyes were becoming black. Well, not becoming black, they were black. However - luckily, I had some photos from *before* I started, which showed they were exactly the same!!!

So my advice for people starting Minox (who are a bit of a hypochondriac like me) and who are worried they might get sides, is make a note of everything before you start. Take photos of your face area, so you don't worry in the future if you got black eyes, or lines which weren't there.

Do you sometimes lay in bed and can feel your heart thumping - make a note of this - coz after you start Minox and get the same thing, you will start to worry it's affecting you :)

As for sexual sides - I was really worried about this possibility due to the experience on Fin. However everything has been totally fine. If you try and find people who had them, you will only find a tiny amount of posts - this was reassuring to me, and for me to say that, it's a pretty strong statement :)

Sorry - this is a long post - future ones won't be :) I just want to try and be helpful for people who come looking for info.

Ok - so I guess you want to see photos. Well, I won't be doing that yet. I do have some baseline pictures taken - and if things get better, I will post them up. I just don't want to post and for nothing to happen - which will make me more disappointed. Sorry, I hope that's acceptable for now.

I'll keep this thread updated as I go along - probably not much until next month when hopefully something will start happening :)

12-09-2012, 03:22 AM
Thanks for the solid post. As a fellow hypochondriac, I have a tendency to expect and see the worst in everything. It's definitely refreshing to see someone acknowledge it in their daily treatments. I havn't started fin yet, but expect to in the next 3 months if my hair has not rebounded.


12-19-2012, 05:52 PM
Ok, here is my 6 week update.

The first bottle is almost empty now, so I guess I must have been using about 1.5ml per application (only using it once a day).

I will switch up to twice a day from the next bottle I think - the reason I stayed at once for this month was I was getting really bad booming heart. It wasn't sped up or anything, just could really feel it.

This took about a week to calm back down again (I also took a day off in the middle to hurry it along).

Shedding - still stopped, about 10 hairs per "ruffle" now when applying :)

Black Eyes. Now, this is still up for debate. My eyes now do have little black "triangles" (the best I can describe) under each, in the corner nearest my nose. However, I haven't been sleeping well recently, so could still be down to that.

I've also asked others who say they can't even notice .... paranoia? Perhaps...

I'm staying at my folks house for the next few weeks, so should be able to sleep a lot better. Let's check again in 2 weeks and see if they change.

No regrowth yet... but it's still early :)

01-30-2013, 11:31 AM
Righty then, nearly 3 months now (1 week shy) and I thought I should update, just so you don't think I ran away.

From what I can gather - no change in the crown area, if anything, it's a bit thinner - however that could be from the massive shed I had at the start.

The front also hasn't changed - so good news there, no mass killing of my hairline!

My eyes though - oh dear - they are pretty black. If you look at me head on, it's fine, but from an above angle, I look terrible! As I said in the first post, it seems I had a slight issue with "black eyes" since forever, but this is def making them worse.

I'll keep going though - as I can't imagine they will get worse than now and I can live with it.

I'm also still only doing it once a day.

Will update in 1 more month, which is when I should def be able to see something according to the box :)

02-09-2013, 04:35 PM
yeah i think minox and nizoral are good for beginners who aren't sure how extreme they want to get into hairloss treatment.

02-09-2013, 10:11 PM
Im a solid Nixoral Minoxidil user. Im applying Rogaine once a day before bedtime to avoid the itchy scalp during the day and applying Nizoral shampoo for 5 min twice a week (Friday and Monday). It really helped keeping the hair on my scalp but right now Im adding Keratene Alphactive Retard to control my DHT with the sexual sides I got from FIN. You can read more about it here:-


11-25-2013, 11:24 AM
Well here you go guys, a one year update.

I tried my best to get the lighting the same :)

From comments I've had, there has been an improvement, you can see from the crown it's a bit more filled in, as well as down the middle - not mega wonders, but that's ok :)

Still on the once a day foam, twice a week minox.

11-26-2013, 06:36 PM
I think there is a notable difference, a little more coverage and looks healthy.
I use minox and nizoral about the same as you but I am also dermarolling, only a month in so nothing to report but you give me hope

05-29-2014, 07:20 AM
Right then - after seeing some pretty horrible holiday photos, I kinda panicked a bit and am changing my regime slightly.

Basically - there were some snaps from above (in bright sunlight) which showed that the area at the front directly behind my HT was very thin.

Now, as I've never actually seen this type of shot before, maybe my hair was always like that - however, it still rattled me.

Asking my ex-gf to check it, she said that before in that area when she looked, it had loads of thin hairs, but now they all look strong.

So - 2 explanations here:

1) Actually my hair there is better, I just never realised it looked so bad in direct sunlight before, or..
2) It has got thinner there, but the remaining hairs are now strong so I shouldn't worry so much.

Well - in anycase, as we know, it's not easy not to worry - so I've decided to start applying my minox twice a day in the front area (the back seems to be making fine progress with just once).

Actually, I'm slightly lucky in the fact I can style and wax my hair in the morning as normal, then it's possible to apply the second minox layer in the evening without mucking the style (as the HT hair in the front hides it ;))

So anyway - yes - that's my update for now.