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    Default just to lighten it up a bit

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    Default One more thing..

    To anyone still viewing this thread....what I had done is not called micropigmentation and I know that might not mean alot to most but my procedure is permanent as long as I take proper care of it. It is slightly deeper than micropigmentation.

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    Freeman... where did you get your micropigmentation done? any photo's you can share?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Freeman@last View Post


    though it is a tad unfair that they chose such shitty wigs in the first place and not one of the high end $500 USD real hair french lace ones - but it was meant for humour I know

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    I agree with you if you haven't had it done yourself or know anyone who has how can you reply. Please don't waste our time with your mere opinions as you are not a doctor or expert in this field. I think if you can get it to look better than your attempted trial with the make up shoot for it. I can see it looking actually quite good as the make up didn't look that bad. Let us know how it goes or what you decide

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    Default searching

    Hey guys, im a 30 year old man who started losing hair at 24 and I have been searching since then for a solution. I take finasteride 2.5 mg and rogaine but I now see that the best outcome I may hope for with these meds is to slow or delay the balding process. Now that Ive discovered scalp micropigmentation I believe this is perfect for me b/c I already shave my head but I have gaps. My question is for anyone who has had thia done like FREEMAN or JON B. Do you guys know anything about artistry concepts in Florida and are y'all happy with the results. Thanks in advance, and thank you all who have been blogging about this stuff. Ive learned alot by reading the threads.

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    I never visited HIS or Artistry but I did not like their pics or website and they really had no professional recommendations or recognition. From what I could gather Artistry was a home based company and were slinging mud about all the other companies with similar procedures. GLI seemed the most professional. After contacting them I did get a little nervous because they called me several times including the president of the company. But after some real conversations with them and then meeting with even the owner who has had the procedure himself..I was convinced this was no scam or hard sell. I saw these were real people who endured an even worse story than mine and saw the opprotunity to help others and make a profit to boot. The two people I saw both looked great and I couldnt tell from a normal distance(personal space). Of course if you know what you are looking for and you get about less than a foot away you can see that it is not actual stubble. I still think it is best if you have sparse coverage on top for that texture/3d look. But then again the owner who is darker skinned had less than mine and he looked great. I still am surprised how little people I know paid attention to my new look. People are so self absorbed they could really care less about your head. One other question I asked myself before doing this was "Do I really think these people I met are gonna put their reputation, finances, and careers on the line and put some silly looking tattoo on someones head?" If you can go up there and meet them before you make your mind up, do it.

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    Default thank you

    Thanks Freeman, I just found your response on this particular thread. Yes I completely agree with you about the professionalism of GoodLook. I spoke with Darren for an hour, and he actually told me about ten minutes into the conversation that after looking at my pics he wanted to talk me out of it b/c he believed I had enough hair. This spoke volumes; how many business owners/presidents will say that. I know for a fact they aren't money hungry. I actually am very noticably balding and after I told him the meds I take for hairloss, and how long Id been taking them, he seemed to understand. You also made an EXCELLENT point about their reputation. Why would they be welcoming all of the media exposure if they didn't believe 100 % in their finished product and its lasting effect. For goodness sake, Good Morning America is doing a story on them. I believe that AC in FLA is probably good at what they do but I cant get past my phone experience. The man(Robert) who the lady-(co-owner) said would be doing my procedure answered the phone when I called, and he sounded like he couldnt care less about my questions or me as a potential client. There was a DEAD silence for almost 5 seconds when I told him I had some questions. Then all I got were very unenthusiastic "Yes" and "No"s like I had interupted his morning joint. I then emailed the woman Gale who apparently co-founded AC and dates the main guy Mark, and I told her I spoke with Robert and subtly asked her if she would mind talking to me on the phone and what would be a good time to call. She replied back and said that Robert would be the guy I need to speak with and he would answer all of my questions( she completely didnt understand that he had already failed at giving me any info). Also I havent seen one pic of the crown or back of any head they have done on their website and this is red flag for me. In one pic I even see a bald spot on the crown area of their tech who they claim has had procedure. All I can say is it would be a shame if they actually do good work and have a great method, because they definitely do not have customer service skills. I have been on the fence back and forth but I believe that I'll call Julie at Good Look on Monday to schedule appointment. I believe in ten years Good Look will still be around and that says alot. Thanks again

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    Guys..I'm only going to recommend the company I chose to go with. HIS has clinics opening up in the United States....

    If your in the NY area...I recommend heading over to the NY city clinic..

    If your in northern NJ ...and you buy the coffee...I'll meet up with anyone at star bucks..

    I've done this for quite a few guys....who were interested in deciding which way to go and they ended up going with HIS MHT..

    HIS is opening up clinics throughout many cities in the USA.

    Good luck in whatever you decide

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    Thanks Jon B., I wish I did live up there on east coast and I could take you up on that offer as Id love to see someone's work in person. I've seen your pics and they look great, also you have a very good head- mine is not shaped as well but I still like my look with shaved head and have been shaving it for a few years. I am looking for the solution that will produce best results and last the longest and it can be tough to know which way to go. Thanks for feedback.

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