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    Quote Originally Posted by BigThinker View Post

    This thread is too hilarious. Highlander's comments made me laugh 4-5 times out loud.
    The fact that they might have a contest is ridiculous, but as far as the rude comments from nearly 30 years ago, you have to put things in perspective.

    Information is way easier to get now than 30 years ago. Because of the internet anyone can read up on MPB all day long. I had never even heard the term mpb till my biology class. And I think I have mentioned this before but I remember many/most of my class did not believe our teacher when she said it would eventually happen to about 75% of the guys in the class. Those girls heard that and ran with it. But it was still considered like letting yourself get fat because most of us did not believe it was involuntary.

    I may be making a fuss about nothing and may actually be better off than many in my class. My aunt worked at the school and one thanksgiving a few years back she out of the blue mentioned that virtually all the guys at my 20th were starting to recede and some were already going bald. It made her feel old because she had known many of them since about second grade.

    But it sure looks like my crown is starting to grow again and getting harder to conceal, so I will most likely start back on propecia once I get my psa. Minox has done me a good job for many years, but it looks like it's no longer enough to stop it.

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