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    Default 1.5 months on Minox, ok to start Fin?

    As the title says, is it ok to start Fin at this stage, will I somehow be interrupting the effects of Minoxidil if I do this?

    I know it's kind of an obscure question, but I figure there'd be people who've been in the same situation.

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    Minoxidil is a growth "agent".

    Finasteride is a stop-loss "agent".

    They are synergistic and meant to be taken together for maximal effect on many people.

    With that said though, finasteride may still cause hairs to go through a quickened cycle which may seem to have an effect on minoxidils effectiveness but its unrelated.

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    I generally have my patients wait 3 months before starting a second treament or medication. I admit I usually recommend starting the Finasteride first, but there is no exact formula.
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