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    Default Retin-A for Hair Loss Treatment?

    Using Retin-A as a standlone treamtment for hair loss and in conjunction with Rogaine? Any inputs? Thanks.

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    Never heard of Retin A (alone) being a treatment for hair loss. Some companies mix it (I think) with Minoxidil but if it were any good we would've heard about it by now. Stick to Minoxidil and/or Fin if you want. Everything is A WASTE OF MONEY.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darelg View Post
    Using Retin-A as a standlone treamtment for hair loss and in conjunction with Rogaine? Any inputs? Thanks.
    i have

    when i first started minoxidil i was told to use of retina with minoxidil at the hairline and temple points to enhance the penetration and absorption of minoxidil. Retin-A decreases the protective barrier of the skin.

    can't say if it worked because i didn't stay on minoxidil for a long time

    still on retin-a though

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    Yeah I've been using tretinoin alone for a while now on my face and at my hairline, hasn't done anything for me. (Except make my skin awesome ofc..)

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    I just bought retain-A but I heard it causes hair loss??

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