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    Default Why is beard hair...

    Any reasons why I should not do a beard hair transplant?

    Spencer keeps talking about a guy who spend 100K on BHT, and it turned out bad...but literature on the web says beard hair grows well on scalp...


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    He didn't say beard hair he said bodyhair. I just viewed a 9000 graft case and in my opinion it looks like complete shit and was a complete waste of money and very ill advised.

    Mega sessions regardless of if it's head, beard or body hair are a bad idea and with all the information available only a fool would make this choice.

    If you think body or beard hair might help you than don't have more than a 100 grafts and evaluate it for your self. If it doesn't match and/or if you don't have head hair to add to the mix there is a very good chance that it will look like complete shit and actually draw more unwanted attention to your head than being bald.

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