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    When I initially started using minoxdil, I had no idea what minoxidil shedding was. I followed the directions and after 6 months noticed how areas were filling up. But since I didn't know what shedding was (the term never existed in my brain), I didn't really think how bad my hair looked while using it. I just stuck with it. During that time I was using the 15% so after finding out it was no longer available I completely stopped using it and stuck to Saw Palmetto. A little while after ending Minoxidil, the improvements in my hair I gained eventually were going away. So what I'm saying is that - if you think about the shedding and count how many hairs you lose, it'll be obvious and bug you. And if you stop using minoxidil after the new hairs grow, you'll lose what you will or have gained. Yes your hair will go back but wont stop there and will get worse with time without the topical treatment.

    (unless for reasons other than the initial shedding, you should stick to using minoxidil)

    You could always wear a cap or use hairloss concealers such as toppik in the mean time

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