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    So maybe this forum is really only good for people new to combating hairloss. You know, hearing the skinny on fin, minox, niz, etc. Also, I know that I came to this place feeling like shit about things, and now I feel mostly fine, so there's that too: emotional support. I probably just needed time to come to terms with stuff, but I secretly suspect that seeing how some people here feel has given me perspective.

    Sort of like a, "Whoa, I don't want to be like that guy, do I?" Hairloss sucks, but when people act like their life is over, I know that that's not true. It forces my brain to take the more reasonable opposing stance, which is that hairloss isn't all that bad if you just own it. I got my confidence back and feel like my old self again, both with friends and the ladies.

    All the lunatics on here have turned my life around just by being their crazy selves. I know it isn't an easy job to wallow in self pity all day, but I'm glad there are a few out there making the sacrifice. Thanks, guys! I wish you as miserable a day as you're already hoping you'll have! Godspeed!

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    I'm guessing you all don't get the free cake each time you log in huh?

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    We might has well shave our heads/buzz.

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    I use to be depressed and sad about my hairloss. Now for the first time in the history of my hair loss, i'm just upset and angry about it. I hate that our scientists and professionals are so clueless about how to cure it. We have no one to look up to. I'm just a college student majoring in Accounting, what the hell do I know about curing hairloss? That's basically it, i'm upset because we have no one that can help us, or to sound a bit more selfish, I have no one that can help me. The closest thing to a cure is a hair transplant and I can't afford that. I'm just like disappointed, upset, and angry rolled in to one right now.

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    I agree with you guys in that there's nothing brewing right now and that a good percentage of the stuff on the site is useless. However, this is a good place for us to get news about all things hair loss. It's one of the only places where we can gather and contribute info to help combat the common enemy.

    I don't spend too much time on here. I sign in every 4 or 5 days to see if anything new has surfaced. And I'll also chime in every now and then. Overall, I like this site, but I wish they would moderate a little more and keep things on topic. For example, if two or three posters start arguing, one of the moderators should block those people from posting on that specific thread. The ones who are blocked will be able to contribute in other threads, unless they start fighting again, and so on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yeahyeahyeah View Post
    What's the point of coming on here?
    If you are not willing to learn about or consider treatments that are currently available, there is no point to being here. Many have been helped by the AHLA and this forum, but can't make everybody happy. Some people simply don't want to be happy.

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