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    I don't believe depression is something that you can let take control of your body if you practice and work with yourself to get over it. I'm sorry if this is not the case, but I strongly recommend doing yoga of some sort, exercising and/or meditation to strengthen your nerves.

    I once (though briefly) thought I was sufferring from depression from propecia, but there's so many other factors that can contribute and after doing the above stuff more and more in my life I've realized most of those problems stemmed from an unbalance in myself and the way I am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parker View Post
    Been on Fin for one and a half weeks and I've now read enough to scare me off of it for the moment.
    I'm now "tappering" off of it.

    I've been unable to tell if the seemingly lower libido I have is from finasteride or depression from the recent realisation that I'm balding (not just getting a mature hairline like I ignorantly thought for so long).

    But I've been reading alot about Fin since starting and I'm now thoroughly scared off of it.

    Recent finding about Finasteride induced depression:

    Maybe you could live with lower libido, but chemically induced depression is just not something you want to mess around with.

    Other options:

    I'm wondering what are peoples thoughts on just forgetting about potentially dangerous medications like this and just getting something like Hair Systems to cover receded and balding areas?

    Or maybe waiting optimistically for the PGD2 inhibitor to come out and hope that it is the dream prevention of future hair loss and then get a hair transplant to make up what was lost before it came out?

    I honestly couldn't care less if people knew I was wearing a peice/got a transplant. I just look so incredibly shit without hair due to a weird shaped dented head that I just don't want to look like that regardless if people think I'm being shallow or self concious.

    Just wear it with confidence and if anyone asks, admit it openly like it's not a secret or a big deal.

    The only obstacle is money. I think I could learn to live with a more poverty stricken lifestyle though.

    Please understand the study you've quoted gives statistics on patients who ALREADY have side effects, it doesn't give you the probability of experiencing side effects in the first place.

    As an example, I remember reading somewhere the chances of surviving a given plane crash is 30%, but that doesn't mean you only have a 70% chance to live if you get in a plane. Your plane has to crash first, and then the 30% applies.

    I'm sure you already know this, my point is don't go out of your way to scare yourself, especially since you've already started.

    I'm on my fourth day of fin.

    Kind regards,

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    The study found that in the group of patients with side effect resulting from Propecia, 75% reported that they suffered depression; 64% said they suffered moderate to severe depression; 39% had suicidal thoughts; and 5% agreed with the statement “I would like to kill myself.”
    In contrast, only 10% of the people in the control group experienced symptoms of depression, and only one man had thoughts of suicide.
    That doesn't say what percentage overall of the experimental group experienced sides. The difference between control and experimental groups overall is what I'd be concerned with first and foremost.

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    Depression is suspect of confounding, if you ask me. I agree with what someone else mention, find something to get your mind off of it. I'd like to say what I do for leisure while I chill/play video games...

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