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    Default A colleague took two weeks off...came in shaved

    So I've worked where I am now for 8.5 years. This fella has been there since before I was there.

    I never paid one iota of attention to his hair. Then it was like 10 months ago I finally brought my concerns up to another buddy at work and he mentioned to me that he thinks the guy wears a piece and it struck me.

    I started paying attention to his hair and sure enough, while it looked good, if you really looked you could see it didn't sit quite right. It wasn't an obvious mop nor was it something like french lace, but it was one of those things where you couldn't actually see where the hair met the head if you looked hard enough.

    At the tail end of August he took two weeks off and came back -- head shaven. The fact he's been a NW6-7 for a long time was obvious, he had to have been wearing a piece since at least I started working there.

    I must say, the change was shocking but whatever, he actually looks pretty good I think. He has a slight muscular build, maybe a bit more body fat then he'd like but he still holds it alright. Seeing him for the first time you'd think nothing of it. Yes, he's married with kids too. He's probably 38-40 I think?

    I feel like telling him as much, as well as finding out if he would talk about why he wore the piece for so long and why he decided to finally embrace it. I know high quality hair pieces cost money and I know that he (used to) have a tight budget so I don't know if thats what finally triggered the change or if something else about his life did.

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    maybe he lost it

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    Quote Originally Posted by fabio27 View Post
    maybe he lost it
    This made me laugh quite a bit

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