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    Deel ,our friends here are correct. Either product-Minoxidil or Finasteride will HELP YOU considerably because of your age and that you would jump on it now with either of the two mentioned.
    Just keep in mind Deel, that you are so young and there WILL BE great treatments in the future that will do away with balding . NO will be A-OK

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    which one will be better for me, fin or minox?

    I am using nizoral already, so could I potentially use nizoral to help keep the hair I have and use minox for regrowth?

    Is fin any good for regrowth?

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    Someone please help!

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    We've been trying to help are you reading the responses? Go see a doctor preferably one that deals with hair loss. Consider your options, weigh the pros and cons and decide if you want to begin Finasteride treatments or not.

    Nizoral is good to use for clearing sebum and DHT from your scalp and possible regrowth. Fin will help slow or halt your hair loss but Minoxidil won't as it's used specifically for the purpose of regrowing hair. Fin may help you regrow hair as well. These three products are usually used in tandem for better results.

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    Yes, get on the big 3

    Nizoral 1%- twice a week

    Rogaine- am/pm

    Propecia/Proscar- once a day.

    check out these links

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    Yes, get on all three. Don't expect instant results, really7 you have to give it a year. It may appear that you are losing more hair at the start but this grows back. This has never happened to me though.

    Good luck!

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