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    Default Endocrinologists ?any good ?


    I've been losing my hair in a diffuse pattern for nearly 6 months now.My scalp was very itchy but not as much now(don't know if it's to do with me taking iron as l found out my ferritin is 27(uk) .Cystic acne also appeared at the same time on my back neck chest upper arms and face.I went to a dermatologist who had a look at me and thought it could be hormonal .He did all the usual tests and my prolactin came back high and progesterone low.I also have low ferritin .l now have an appointment with a professor of endocrinology .He is ment to be the top guy in Scotland.What l want to know is .........
    1-how does a dr know what treatment route to take if you have multiple problems .l dont know wither it's down to high prolactin,low progesterone,low ferritin or something else.
    2-How do they treat you for multiple problems like this ? Can you go on dosinex and anti androgens and the bcp at the same time ?

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