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    [QUOTE=sausage;134537]I have just been wandering the His Hair Clinic forum and found this guy's result. It is one of few photos that actually shows a result in good quality, good light and at a good size....

    Just look at it closely......the dots seem too large, in places the dots are darker than in other places............but worst of all just look at the difference between shaved short hair (see back/side of head) and the SMP dots......they are NOTHING alike, it looks ridiculous....

    Please see the images on the 12th post down:

    From what I understand about that link, that was his first session, where to goal is just to achieve the hairline and determine the proper colouring. The dots are so large because it is so fresh, over the next few days they will shrink and the colour will lightly fade. The next session would focus on density where they will fill in the gaps with more dots creating the fuller appearance. You shouldn't bash this kinda work, ive seen this kind of work done in person and its pretty incredible how natural it looks, even from a foot away. The work I saw done was not done by HiShair, but obviously a clinic that performs the same procedure. I think this is a great option for us baldies

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    Quote Originally Posted by William Yates, MD View Post
    FUE and smp is an excellent combo together if done right. I have seen great results for patients who keep their hair short and have limited donor. The natural hair just provides texture for the smp making the results even better. Usually the donor hair is concentrated in the frontal one third of the scalp.
    I am thinking about this as an option.

    Where the donor hair is concentrated in the frontal third.....is the frontal third JUST donor hair or is it mixed with SMP?

    or is it donor hair frontal third and then the final 2/3rds SMP?

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