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    I believe since I had the HIS service I am actually better able to give insight on the validity of the service.

    Its been a year and a half since I had this cutting edge out of the box solution and although I respect others who prefer or choose hair transplants...I certainly respect their decision.

    I can without a shadow of a doubt tell you that this clean crisp short look is excellent and as a 53 year old professional no one has ever questioned this look as anything other than the style I chose to have.

    I would ask for the same respect in my choices as you would in yours.

    See it in person and then decide for yourself.

    Its stunning in its ability to convey a totally natural short clean look.

    I hope this helps those who are willing to investigate the HIS process.

    For those that prefer hair transplants I totally understand that path and respect it.

    I did not want after meeting with three well renouned doctors in Long Island and NYC and NJ...(less than renounced for the NJ doctor) I did not want to have the anticipated 3 treatments at 12 to 15 grand a pop...over a three year period of time to create a natural hair line etc..

    That might tell you how much hair I was needing to have transplanted etc...I was a norwood 5 to 6...and thats what the wonderful and honest two hairtransplant doctors I met with recommended to me..(the guy in NJ was not recommended on this forum when I first joined and did my research.

    I am grateful for the recommendations of various hair transplant doctors and although I didn't go that route. I respect them dearly.

    I will suggest that this HIS treatment is very evolved in how natural it looks and thats from my personal experiences.

    Is it a full flowing locks of hair? No...its not intended to be...but for the type of look its really great. PS. I never thought I'd be handsome with this look but it seems the girls tell me I am..LOL

    Also originally I thought I would do the HIS service and if over time I wasn't happy and the doctors were successful at cloning I would just do the cloning over the HIS service.

    The HIS MHT has been such a big win....I'll never bother with the cloning hair transplant when it eventually becomes available...

    I say that so you guys know its normal to be nervous when consider relatively out of the box solutions..

    I hope this helps.. Sorry for the long post.

    I'm just trying to offer guys an alternative to consider which worked great for me personally...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delphi View Post
    It's a head tattoo. That's all that needs to be said.
    And tattoos can be made to look life like.

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    You sound very happy about your tattoo JonB., but it does seem a bit odd just how many times you mention "HIS" in your posts. Do you get discounted head tattoos or something? To me tattooing your entire head seems like a disaster waiting to happen. To each their own I guess. I'm not hating, I'm just saying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delphi View Post
    The permanent thing is why I have always been so against SMP in the past. If they screw up, itís yours for life and I do believe the ink will eventually turn blue or green. I also donít see how anyone could say that those results look more natural??? Some of those hairlines are ridiculous.
    Honestly for the most part I would have had no idea that majority of those patients had SMP.

    It actually makes a less dense FUE through the whole scalp combined with SMP a good option if your happy keeping it short.

    I've noticed there are some places that guarantee no blues, greens or smudging as well.

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    I think this is something that requires you to keep looking in the mirror and trying to convince yourself it looks good. Personally I would never do this as I think it looks bizarre but if it works for others more power to them.

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    Well said. Personally all these guys looked just fine with a short/shaved head. Interesting to see what happens as they Grey. scary thought. Another reason to go Trico if you are dead set on SMP.

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    The thing with this is it looks like out of choice you like the grade 0 look......which IMO is a look that tough guys, gangsters go for.....I am not sure that is the impression I would want to give off.

    Don't get me wrong, this isn't always the case some of the guys in vids I have seen do look good with this done, for example this French dude:

    I think it works well on the right face, I think it works best on eastern european looking and dark skinned guys.

    On Caucasian guys it does not look good IMO but if you want to look like a skinhead, gangster dude then go for it.

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    how does it look up close, on a sunny day?

    the issue I have with HIS is tht hairlines look a bit harsh, too straight and perfect, in most cases anyway.

    what happens when hair turns grey on the sides and back

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    Anyone know if SMP fade or change colour in the long run 10+ years? I think it looks much better than a shinny crown and front.

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