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    You’re welcome. Hair loss is tough on everybody who deals with it, but the potential of making your situation worse, especially if you are in a relatively early stage in your hair loss is a very real. Highlander is extreme in his thinking on many levels so it’s probably best to to look at his posts as “how not to handle hair loss.”

    Quote Originally Posted by FlightTL View Post
    Thank you Amadeus for your advice...I will admit, I am confused because I would like more hair on top, but your note on HT regret is a very important one indeed.

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    I think that is good advice for the reasons stated. At 30, you are more mature and informed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highlander View Post
    What is the point of being the ugly duckling all throughout your prime? Go hard in your twenties. Work out, get aesthetics, get plastic surgery if you need it, get the hair transplant, then by thirty none of it will even matter as much before you'll have your dream girl.

    Besides, by the time you're thirty there will be better treatments almost certainly.

    It's called "having your cake and eating it too", and it's what I plan on doing.

    Don't let the NW7's fool you. There are a huge amount of slick bald, fat haters on this website that subconsiously don't want other people being more aesthetic or having more hair than them. The kind that talk about "youthful hairlines on older people looking weird".

    he does have a point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dex89 View Post
    he does have a point.

    Thanks for replying doucheface.

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