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    Quote Originally Posted by blackhairdude View Post
    Dude! Man up. Take it once a day like it says on the packet. A full pill. You'll be fine. Watery semen, but fine. All the sides are in your head. Its like taking paracetemol.
    That's advice..

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisis View Post
    I'm not sure why fathering twins is seen as evidence that finasteride is safe? Does anyone seriously believe that finasteride, rather than, ya know, genetics, enabled him to have twins? I'm not criticising spex here, I just think it's a weak and entirely unscientific argument.
    I also don't understand why spex fathering a twin while on fin should prove anything, spex took a risk and it worked for him but it's a risk.
    Spencer Kobren (who is a big beleiver of fin) said it very clearly in one of his shows recently that one of the main reasons he does not wanna have a kid is because he's been on fin for around 20 years and he just DOES NOT WANNA RISK IT.

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