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Thread: GYM vs Hairloss

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    Quote Originally Posted by dex89 View Post
    It's not going to harm your liver. Creatine has been shown to increase DHT a lot, so I am not surprised that it's apparently bad for your hair. How bad, I don't know. Maybe not bad at all?

    Shouldn't you be more consistent with creatine? Not taking it at random days? Is there a reason you don't use creatine for certain exercises? As far as I understand creatine builds up over time, and doesn't act like say Glutamine where you can receive a benefit from an isolated consumption of it.

    Cycling is questionable, but they say it's good to practice in order to stop your body from "normalising" itself back to before you were supplementing. How true that is I don't know.
    From the way he discussed it, it sounded like he was using creatine as a pre-workout supplement, like Jack3d or NO Explode. That's not how creatine works... it won't provide you with an energy or strength boost if taken in conjunction with a workout session.

    The testing on creatine is really limited, and, in my opinion, not extensive enough to establish any impact on hair. We know what it can increase DHT, but there's not determined hair loss impact. So the question is really whether you want to take the risk; I miss creatine, but I can gain strength/size without it. My hair is more important. So I excised it from my regimen. Really, if you're concerned about hair loss, most workout supplements should be avoided; most of them center around testosterone production, and many of the ones that don't are just incredibly hard on your body. Take fish oil and some vitamins and you'll be in great shape.

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    Certain forms of creatine work faster than others. For instance Kre-Alkalyn doesn't require pre-loading. It works pretty damn fast. I also only take creatine before workouts. There's a reason its in so many pre-workouts.

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