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    Quote Originally Posted by 25 going on 65 View Post
    Most likely diffuse thinning. Some of us lose our hair in more of a female pattern
    Well if that's the case then I can just about understand, but if you (you in the general sense) haven't even started to thin yet and are just going to take Propecia as a precaution because hairloss runs in the family, then I'd say you're asking for trouble. You're basically taking a drug that you don't yet need... so maybe you're lowering DHT when it doesn't need lowering.

    I believe a couple of posters on this forum made the observation (very non-scientific but nevertheless worth noting) that it's the guys taking Propecia that don't really need it that have a good chance of suffering the side effects. And by not needing it that would be guys that haven't really start to lose hair yet and guys that have just receded at the temples to their mature hairline.

    Quote Originally Posted by BigThinker View Post
    That's what I was going to say. I'm just happy I didn't get the bald spot on the crown of the head. That one feels like a total pain to hide.
    At 21 years old, I've got a slightly balding crown. It's not flat out bald up top but it's noticeable if you look. I'm not gonna lie and say I wish it wasn't there... but I must say I don't feel it's held me back in any way. I can count on one hand the people that have commented on it and they were all guys. I've not yet had a girl say anything and I've been hitting it up pretty hard in the clubs this year!

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    I'm on my 6th day of fin. Wasn't too worried about sides to begin with, but I just pretend it's viagra when I take it haha

    disclaimer: don't use viagra recreationally

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