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    Quote Originally Posted by win200 View Post
    Spencer has talked on his show about tapering very gradually onto Propecia.
    Tapering onto and off from any medication is a good idea. This is an easy way to avoid possible side effects. It doesn't always work but it does most of the time.

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    Its not a matter of working the same, its allowing your body to adjust to a gradual change in hormone levels rather then just spike a change 'over night'

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    I wrote a topic on Propecia transition

    FYI - I spoke to a guy today who feels he got legitimate sides from touching the tablet.....

    I asked the patient if he was anxious about side effects on the lead up to taking the meds and he said VERY.

    Im not disputing sides however the mind is a powerful tool
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    I wasn't worried about taking Propecia and got 'em. It's actually difficult for me to fathom how being anxious about taking a drug can cause loss of sensitivity of a body part. Erections... yes. But lack of actual sensory perception? Imagine your dick is your finger. That shit doesn't happen because of anxiety. Let's keep it balanced because my case isn't really mentioned by anyone other than me.

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    Disclaimer : I am not a Doctor. I laugh every time I hear Spex give his "expert medical" advice.

    I get so anxious and nervous, that I suffer performance anxiety with the the hot porno star on pornhub.

    It's not rocket science. If a man sits down on his man cave and wants to relieve some stress with some hot 5 on 1 barely legal action and his stick doesn't work. What the ****?

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