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    Hey all. I had a transplant to improve a mild NW3 hairline 8 weeks ago (no crown loss at all). I've never taken Propecia or Minoxidil, and now I'm starting to contemplate whether that's wise. My temple loss has marched upwards very, very gradually, and I've never experienced a larger shedding phase, absent some shock loss from the procedure. I know Propecia isn't principally for the hairline, and I'm pretty concerned about sides. I've been thinking about starting Propecia at a really low dose (like .25 every other day) and increasingly gradually to test my tolerance, but I'm leery of stacking another treatment on top of a transplant while I'm still in the ugly duckling phase, because I won't know whether to chalk any improvement up to the Fin or the procedure--obviously I'm at the worst point now, and things are going to look pretty different in 10 months.

    Anyway, photos are here: Any thoughts are appreciated. I'm 29, BTW.

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