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    Default 'Dan' Hasson And Wong UK patient 5800 grafts 10 month results

    I am posting Dan's 10 month results and his story below, I met with Dan in London around 18 months before he had surgery, we had many conversations whilst he researched hair transplants, he had surgery with Dr Hasson on September 4th 2011 for 5800 grafts. The photos he has sent me represent just over 10 months growth.

    Dan's story which he posted elsewhere

    I am 40 yrs old in a few weeks.

    I started losing my hair at 25 yrs old.It was devastating.That was the day I realised I hadnít cheated the hereditary hairloss .
    Over the years I kept cutting my hair shorter and shorter and kept looking at myself thinking I didnít need to shave it all off. By the time I was 37 I looked quite strange with a receding hairline and loss on the crown.Thats when I started looking at HTís.

    I looked at all the websites and found Hasson and Wong. I was amazed at the consistent results.I went to London to meet David .He was really helpful and sent my pictures to Dr Hasson.
    He emailed me a few days later.It looked like Dr Hasson thought I would be a good candidate and said 4200 grafts should be achievable.
    A year past and I hadnít done anything .I spoke to Dr Hasson and he told me not to worry and just go ahead with the procedure ,he seemed quite confident .Finally in September 2011 after speaking to David again I went to Vancouver with my 13 yr old son.

    Wow what a great place.Its almost as if I donít really remember the procedure as I had such a great time just being there.The weather was superb and the people were so friendly.They give you a letter to tell customs what you are there for.When I presented it to the customs officer he congratulated me and wished me luck. What a great city.

    I met Dr Hasson on the morning of the procedure and he said I had good laxity and dense hair and should get 5000 grafts.He then shaved my head and started.Half way through the count he said we are at approx 3000 .I was delighted when the final figure came in at 5800 (approx).

    I cannot start to tell you how professional these people are. The office and procedure room are state of the art. They made me feel like part of a family and made sure me and my son were comfortable the whole way through.

    Anyway here are my pictures before and today 18-7-2012 at 10 months and approx 12 days.

    They have given me my life backÖ..That's all I can say.Thank you Victor Hasson and all the team and of course David for taking the time and effort to talk me through the whole journey with care and consideration.

    I am a patient and representative for Hasson & Wong.
    My opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Hasson & Wong.

    Visit our website at hassonandwong.com www.hassonandwong.com
    Contact me at david@hassonandwong.com
    See my photos and read my hair transplant recovery blog at www.hassonandwong.co.uk
    Find out if a transplant is right for you: Get your free, no-obligation online assessment here

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    Great result. Dan must be delighted with the result. Always great to see successes like this.

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    Is the patient taking any hair loss medication as well?


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