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    Quote Originally Posted by Highlander View Post
    Supposing that the extraction of the grafts is as difficult as the insertion, he is only doing 1,400 grafts per day.

    Perhaps you have a naiive view of the HT industry, but FUT is popular for a reason. HT surgeons can do well over 10,000 grafts per day using that method.

    You are sorely mistaken. His 700 graft limit shows he is concerned about quality, and also not concerned about profiteering off his patients. Please find me another surgeon that has a limit that low. The only other I can think of is Gho at 2,000 per session / per nine months which is set for scarring reasons.
    I understand your reasoning but it is not entirely correct. Manuel FUE is an extremely labor intensive procedure that takes great concentration and dexterity. Most doctors who still do manual extraction will do no more than 1000 extractions per day, and then create the sites and have the technicians place the grafts. This still takes the whole day to do it right. Itís not about profits it's about quality of care. Hey Kesser might be great, but I would not be comfortable and this is just a matter of personal preference.

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