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    I stopped hanging out wth "friends" too, during my mid 20s. I just couldnt bear it when they brought up hairloss. It killed me inside and ruined my entire day. Funny, people started to think I stayed away just because I was either arrogant or weird (no, just balding).
    Gets easier as you get older and learn to accept and live wth hairloss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonnykino View Post
    So, after posting numerous threads and pictures on here, various hair forums, and balding blogs, I was pretty convinced, and happy, that I was a perfect head of hair. I have a natural parting from my crown, and my hair is in-between juvenile and mature without any thinning. So in essence, a good head of hair, and I shouldn't worry. I haven't been.

    ... until yesterday. I got out the shower, and my hair was slicked back. I walked into the bedroom, and my girlfriend said "ohhh, don't wear your hair like that ever, you look like a 90 year old man". I asked her what she mean, and she replied "it kind of looks like a receding hairline".

    Dam bro that sucks but don't take shit from her or anyone. If I was in your shoes, I would look at her and say " shut up or I'll replace you" That's what I said to my exes when they try to pick out one of my flaws.

    I know how most of you guys feel too. Every time I messed up my hair and I have to buzz it off, I never see my friends or go clubbing for a week till it grows a inch longer because I'm afraid that they might say that my hairline is receding. Hair loss really sucks but It's the way of life and we got to treat it and deal with it.

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    yeah, I hate when friends tell/suggest you stuff like "you should wear a hat or cap". Usually this even comes from guys who are like 26-34 years old.

    They don't seem to understand that you just want to be content with the person you are and don't want to hide yourself.

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