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    Default Finasteride rx question

    hello - I started Fin a year ago, partly after finding this site, and have a question for users. I got the rx from a dermatologist, I would just call the office and ask for a renewal and they would OK it, and call it to Wal-Mart. Now they want me to come in for an appointment, which seems unnecessary (she couldn't even give me a specific reason - just that its been a year) and costs like $150 since insurance wont pay for it.
    I have insurance through university and can go to their health clinic for free, can the Drs there prescribe Fin and/or renew the Rx? Or basically, What's the cheapest way to do this?
    One reason I started Fin is the cost - only $45 a year, now it would be $195 if I have to see the dermatologist every year....
    thanks for any help.

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    I would get a different dermatologist that won't need you to come every year. Mine hasn't even gave me a call, I don't think she even cares lol. I heard that its more affordable if you buy it from certain websites and you don't need a prescription. I heard this place is legit but haven't tried it yet because I can still afford the 80$ propecia. heh

    Proscar has the same affects as any other fin like propecia but you have to cut four ways...I think Hope this helps

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    it seems like I need to find a new dermatologist, man what a pain in the ass.
    (I did email the student health center to see if they can prescribe Fin, but no answer yet from them)

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