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    Default Finasteride and Alcohol Use

    Iím waiting for my order of finpecia to arrive in the mail, and Iím thinking about my future. Iím twenty-three and like to go out every once in a while. I understand that having a glass or two of wine with dinner isnít an issue while on finasteride, but letís say that once a month I drink ĺ of a bottle of whiskey with my friends and get blackout drunk. Would it be best to skip my dose that day because the interaction of fin and alcohol in the stomach/liver could be toxic, or is that a non-issue as well? For those of you who have more than two beers every so often, how do you deal with your dosage that day? Thanks for reading.

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    I am not aware of relation between Finpecia & drinking alcohol. I take Finpecia everyday and drink whiskey very often.

    With that said, take Finpecia in the morning. I'm assuming that you start drinking whiskey in the evenings

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    shouldn't be an issue unless you take together (then resorption of finasteride could be influenced)....anyway wouldn't go for finasteride in the first place anyway (side-effects trust me)

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    I take 1.25mg fin right when I wake up (3.5 months in), and get drunk about once a week. Have not encountered any problems.

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