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    Maybe you could give it a try to shave you hair. Bald is cool. But balding isn't.

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    I know this sounds lame but start hitting the gym. You are young bro so dont let this hold you back. They might have better solution in 5 years. Just start some treatment now such as minox and nizoral. Shit sucks at times just dont let make you bitter. Plus try cougar market.

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    'Bout a year late there, muchacho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john2399 View Post
    All i can say is karma is a bitch and that girl who said something should go eff herself. Im 19 as well and i hardly go out anymore. Im just too ashamed of myself.Atleast you went out and tried to have a good night. Life is tough but life as a balding guy is sometimes impossible to deal with.
    Don't kid yourself, that entitled bitch will never feel the wrath of karma. She'll die ignorant and happy with a full head of hair. For balding men, we're going to be ridiculed and socially crippled until theres a cure or until we're dead.

    Society is full of shit, I've never believed that these shitheads get what they deserve... most of these scumbags live a happier life and die satisfied at the expense of someone else... AND WE ARE THAT SOMEONE ELSE.

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    eventually what happens to people that make fun of others is that the passage of time makes them socially invisible.Thats why women are scared of ageing. so don't worry about that bitch, it may take a while but mother nature eventually will take its toll.

    Would be fun to run into her years from now and say geez I didnt recognize you , you look so different , Lol.

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