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    Okay I misunderstood it as the makeup of the ink but you were referring to the process. Thank you for answering.

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    Wow, so I just seen the Jotronic, Spex and Spencer Kobren love affair on you tube and I have to say it was pretty sickening. First off, I havenít seen any damaging effects of tattoos but I can see how one might question it. Second, get the facts straight Spex you said you would take it down to a 1 guard then said you wouldnít now apparently you want to take it down to a 1 again, and I am fine with never seeing it at a 1 guard again but I wouldnít do the tattoo thing. Third, it is so ridiculous that you want to see peoples face and names when you know fully well that the ones that are angry at your twisting of what does and doesn't work to fix a scar or to repair a bad hair transplant are the very guys getting it fixed themselves and of course no one wants to draw attention to themselves who is going through a repair case. But that being said I have talked to Spex and heard his BS. Fourthly, when Jotronic had said he and Spex had never met was obviously irrelevant as you guys have your little SMP deal working, so again all I hear is BS from Spex and Jotronic. Fifth, why did no one offer Chris the advice of Fue his scar and stop getting hair transplants when it is known to work? I mean why canít you just admit that it is best to shave you head and be done with it? I mean who wants 10 hair transplants like Spex or however many Moronic has had? I have to say I never watch this guyís show and never will in the future as very little on that episode could have helped anyone, maybe misguided a few to getting hair placed in the front and as they bald it will be obvious instead of telling them to fix their scar, laser out the hairs if they look funny, and get your headache thing fixed. Terrible show, you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

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    I am going to have to add to what I said as I have further reflections on this charade Spex and Jotonic put on. I would like to say that another reason Spex has been discouraging me and others to do FUE into a scar besides the supposed 10 percent only growth into a scar, is that he says scars stretch overtime. Well lets put this in context with how many times Spex has made his head a jack-o'-lantern, how many is it Spex 4, 5 times? Many of us who want to repair our scar have 1 scar, or others have 2 but the tension is far less than yours and you obviously know this but you decide to BS everyone instead as you try and sell your SMP. Also, the claim of you lifting weights is ridiculous in light of the fact you have done many strip surgeries, it is not proven lifting can influence the scar stretching and lastly youíre a pretty tiny dude. I mean I am sorry but I knew dudes come back from ranger school eating 2 MREís a day and having sleep deprivation for three months and still look more jacked than you! Lol! So this is obviously due to the fact that you have had multiple strip surgeries. Furthermore, the whole I wet my head and took it down to a 2 guard thing is also silly as you had 114 FUEs put into your scar and no matter IF it really did stretch you would have a lot more coverage in that scar than just SMP alone and you know this. The fact is Spex is that Milena has failed to show us one case of SMP into a scar and then the haircut being lower than a 2 grade. Again though I donít care if you do or donít show us all I care about is honesty and though you are at times not completely dishonest you do have a tendency of not sharing with us some inconvenient facts. In light of this I want to urge those that are going bald just let it happen as the last thing you want is some ridiculous tattoo on your head and the best you can do is take propecia/proscar, rogaine, and nizoral and perhaps eat healthy, hair loss is natural just get jacked and forget about it. To those of you who want to fix a scar the best way is obviously FUE, fraxel, derma roller, and possibly the recell/skin spray option. This way is the best because it produces real hair in the scar, the only problem is the color of the scar which fraxel can help and skin spray can possible solve by putting skin over the scared tissue. I have nothing to gain from my rant here and I am just posting to let everyone know how full of it Spex and Moronic are. If you donít believe me about the tattoo thing turning blue or just looking plain funny look here http://www.hairlossexperiences.com/v...081&forum_id=2 or do your own research and whatever you do a small session first, a test session and see how you like it.

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