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    Quote Originally Posted by UK_ View Post
    However I think the Arab Spring showed the world that it wasnt just American and British politicians that wanted an end to the crazed dictatorships brutally controlling those regions.
    are you serious ? Dude how old are you..
    America and UK are the root of all problems in that region. First by erasing a whole country from the map and kicking most of its ppl out to give it to the "chosen ppl".and second by supporting dictatorships in arab countries for their own intrests.
    America and UK don't give a shit about arabs or kurds, Saddam was always a dictatorship killing his ppl, but who supported him in the 80s and were his best allies in order to bring iran down ? That's right it's America and UK. But then when Saddam served his purpose and got nothing more to offer, America and UK got rid of him in the name of freedom bla bla bla.
    Who brought Alqaeda and Taliban to power to fight the soviet union? You guessed it again it's America and UK.
    who was the biggest allie of the egyptian dictatorship Mubarak? Yup, once again it's America and UK they have been always backing him up and supporting him regardless of the crimes he did.. But when the ppl of egypt got fed up and took action, All of a sudden, America and UK started acting like they give a shit about egyptian ppl.
    And by the way if you really think they care about ppl why don't they free the palestinians (the only ppl in the world living under occupation).
    And tell me why do they give a shit about IRAN having a nuclear weapon ? Did iran attack any country before (other than the war with iraq which was started by saddam and his western allies), are they going out of their way to stop iran from having nuclear weapon because they want peace in the region ? Hmm, that's funny, because last time i checked those same countries support the israeli nuclear weapns which already existed and guess what unlike iran who never had a war in the last 100 years, israel did attack jordan, lebanon, egypt and syria in 1967 and even occupied parts of their lands. That's funny right cause i thought America and UK were all about spreading peace and freedom worldwide.
    Wake up dude and stop living in a bubble.

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    What has any of that got to do with the Arab Spring? Which by and large was a grass roots movement - the people in that region ousted more dictatorial control through the help of social networking in a period of months than America and Britain could have achieved in a decade-long total war. Reminds of how the internet put an end to the soviet union, or were you not aware of that either?

    Regardless of all of this, you should have read my second to last post, it would have saved you that awful diatribe you've forced me to endure. Read the excerpt I quoted from the book 'The Grand Chessboard', specifically the part I myself highlighted in bold.

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    What the **** are you guys talking about.
    Can't you talk about the thread's subject ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mojo Risin View Post
    What the **** are you guys talking about.
    Can't you talk about the thread's subject ?
    HAHA!! Hell has frozen over, Mojo Risin is the voice of reason.

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