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    Thumbs up Saw Palmetto and Biotin might be worth a try.

    Hey all,

    I haven't posted here in almost 6 months. To precede this post; I am 21 and headed towards NW3 baldness. My father has had the same NW3 hairline since he was 25. He's now 42.

    Last time I posted, I was about to get propecia and get started on that regimen with Nizoral. After about a week and a half on Propecia, I quickly noticed cognitive changes ("mental fog") and depression/indifference of emotions. Needless to say, I quickly dropped the finasteride.

    About a month ago, I decided to give the saw palmetto/biotin combination a try. Didn't seem like it could hurt, and hell, maybe it would do something for me.

    I'm posting this message because I see a lot of negativity on this forum towards Saw Palmetto, with nobody ever seeming to actually give it a try. I think that it might be worth a shot, especially in combination with biotin. Why?

    Although my hairline is continuing to slowly recede towards NW3, I (and my friends/family members) have seen a noticeable difference in the quality of my existing hair. Before adopting the SP/Biotin treatment, all the hair in the "MPB area" seemed to be a bit thinner or weaker than the hair in the donor areas. It almost seemed like I had what some people call "Diffuse MPB", where the entire area miniaturizes at once. It might be "jumping the gun" to say that, but in my mind, the hair on top of my head definitely seemed a bit thinner.

    However, as I said.. After a month of SP/Biotin, my hair seems to be a lot thicker/dense, and it seems to be growing faster as well, probably as a result of the extra biotin. In fact, although my left temple has shed quite a bit of hair since starting the treatment (maybe a sign of it working, or maybe just my MPB progressing), the existing hair is so full that my hair looks better than it has in over a year. I've also grown my hair longer, maybe around 6-7 inches long. My friends and family have really started complimenting the appearance of my hair lately, and none of them know about my regimen.

    It's also only been a month. If results seem this promising already, who knows? Maybe I'll see some slight regrowth in the next few months. It's just as possible that I won't, but I prefer to remain optimistic.

    My point: Although SP isn't proved to stop or slow MPB, SP in combination with Biotin has definitely made a noticeable difference in the quality of my hair. I think it's worth a shot; it would be interesting if we could get several forum members to try it and see where they stand after a month or two. I think we need to stay positive and give it a try. If you're not taking Propecia, you certainly have nothing to lose by adopting a "natural" treatment plan. My hair is now thick enough to wear down or brushed back with hardly any signs of MPB. If you're not taking anything, and you have a reasonable amount of hair to work with, give it a shot! Who knows.. it might work for you, too.

    My regimen:
    Morning: Multivitamin (Centrum), 160 mg Saw Palmetto Extract, 2000 mcg Biotin.
    Before Bed: 160 mg Saw Palmetto Extract, 2000 mcg Biotin.

    Other things I've noticed since starting this regimen:
    -Interestingly enough, and ironically, my libido has seemed to increase quite a bit since starting my regimen.
    -Urinary flow seems stronger too, obviously because of the advertised treatment of BPH.

    Hope this inspires a little bit of hope for everyone!

    Best wishes,

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    You don't need to prove that SP works for hair.... we know that it inhibits 5AR just like fin does so we can assume that it will work to some extent there too.

    Which exact brand of SP are you using?

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    Yeah, I'm not necessarily trying to prove that it does or doesn't work; just trying to give a spark of hope to some of those who may not have heard any positive testimonials about it.

    As far as the brand, it's the good 'ole Walmart brand you can find in the vitamin aisle; nothing special. The brand name (for both the SP and Biotin that I use) is Spring Valley.

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    I may give this a shot. I've been on propecia for several years but had to drop it 6 months ago due to sides. Currently not taking anything and noticing that same thinness of the non-donor area. Hairline also receding, around nw2.5. I just need something that can buy me time for two years whereupon I'll either go with a cutting edge treatment or get a transplant. Thanks for the post.

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    I've been on both for almost three months. I decided to drastically lower my SP because I was worried about the sides. However, I continue to take a hair vitamin which has some SP in it. I've noticed increased body hair (mostly length). I've also noticed my hair seems less dry than it has been in years. I started Rogaine last month and I've shed a lot so the thickening that appeared is gone. Hopefully, combined with Rogaine I can retain long enough for histogen or something else to come out.

    For me, I think it's the biotin which has made my hair healthier.

    Edit: A month seems awfully quick to make a drastic change in thickness in hair.

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