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    Seven years after posting this I come back to confirm my original post. My hair continues to look worse every year. I buzz it, but I'm to the point of buzzing it with a zero guard soon.

    However, life is good. I've gotten married, have a couple of kids and have gone/are going through medical complications with my family. Watching a child in the pICU and hoping they won't have brain damage from low oxygen levels really makes you think. In the time since I made my original post, I've seen my perfectly healthy dad have to retire due to autoimmune disease that forever changed him in a matter of weeks. I've taken my son to the ER twice for breathing difficulties before the age of two after he caught simple colds, and I've found out that my wife has a benign brain tumor that we will need to monitor.

    I hate my crappy hair. It looks terrible and I am still self conscious about it. However, there are more important and challenging things out there. I'd go bald today if my dad, son, and wife could be completely healthy in exchange. I've occasionally looked at this site to see if there are any new treatments out there. However, I've given up logging in as I have to let go of the hair and work on all of the other challenges life has for me.

    I hope they due cure baldness soon, but I'd gladly take cures for things like Cancer, ALS, and other autoimmune diseases first. I wish you all the best and I hope Ahab's medical condition will be better soon.

    Thanks everyone

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