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    Default Apparently some have had success on Fin+Dut

    Hmm...could fin+dut have a synergistic effect that promotes regrowth? Or would the more potent dut actually be doing the lion's share of the work?

    Interesting article, what does everyone think?

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    I think you'd have to be crazy to be dabbling in this risky business. Finasteride sides are real, God only knows what mixing it with an even more dangerous drug will do to your hormonal system.

    Further, there haven't been any studies to test the safety of this, so you'd be a guinea pig.

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    Didn't read it but...

    The Fin is probably unnecessary. Dut blocks both 5AR types and it probably just took the Type 1 block to finally make a diff.

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    Spex recently posted that blocking type 1 probably doesn't affect hair loss, and that the added effectiveness that some people experience on dutasteride is more likely from its greater ability to block type 2. He mentioned that Merck tested a type 1 inhibitor (it didn't block type 2) and it had no effect on hair loss.

    If that's true, it's a shame there isn't just a more powerful type 2 blocker out there, because I'd hate to block another enzyme unnecessarily.

    As for taking both drugs at once, I don't know if that would have significantly more effectiveness than just taking a higher dose of dutasteride (higher than the standard .5 mg per day). I would personally be uneasy taking both meds at once.

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    The answer to me really is simple: they should make a topical version of dutasteride. This would eliminate or drastically lessen the side effects of the drug and would almost solely limit the inhibition of di-hydrotestosterone to the scalp and not throughout the entire body. Hell, I think they should've even made a topical version of finasteride a long time ago but no one ever did. But that could be because Merck still has a copyright on finasteride so therefore they could be the only ones to use finasteride to treat hair loss. Or doctors could even try injecting doses of finasteride or dutasteride into a person's scalp again to try to limit the di-hydrotestosterone reduction to the scalp and not the entire body. But again, so very few people are looking to make any stitch of progress in the hair restoration field..........oh, that is unless it's some surgical type of process like hair transplantation.

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