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    Default Propecia and Estrogen Blockers?

    Anyone ever couple propecia with an estrogen blocker? I have kinda high estrogen for a guy and even had a small case of Gyno as a teenager. I'm worried that propecia will spike my estrogen levels a bit with the increase in test. Has anyone ever countered the increase in estrogen with a blocker? I hear AI's(Aromatose Inhibitors) work well.

    All in all estrogen aside if im lucky propecia might balance me out really well as I have crazy high dht and low test.

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    Bro its makes sense that when you add propecia to your body that your testosterone increases..

    however it also makes sense that the increase in testosterone will lead to an increase in estrogen..

    So yes your estrogen levels will go up..

    estrogen inhibiters are not to be played with..

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