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    I think there are already threads on Dermarollers, but nothing recent. Rather than drag something up, I figured I'd start a new thread.

    Basically, has anyone tried these? I know gutted is using one, but he hasn't been for too too long. Supposedly, they helps with the absorption of topicals. Perhaps they even help with regrowth solo, but I haven't heard as much about that. Anyone find any of that to be true? I heard something about the needles needing to be at least 2mm long to have the supposed collagen activating effects. Anyone know anything about that?

    And as a side note, has anyone tried using it on their face? Supposedly, they help with scars, uneven skin color, aging, acne, etc.

    I don't really have any acne, but my skin is a bit unevenly toned (from having less than awesome skin when I was younger). If a dermaroller helped with that, it'd be enough to justify the ~$15 they cost on Amazon, but as this is TBT, this thread is mostly about their effect on hair, if any.

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