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    Default Scar Grafting with Dr Cole

    On Monday I began repairing the two large scars I have from prior Strip surgeries. My research to repair them started back in December. I simply wanted to buzz my hair short but had the issue of the scars being visible. In my opinion, someone who is going bald looks very good with a short buzz cut. I felt like I had come to terms with my every thinning scalp and just wanted to move on with this chapter of my life. So I looked into Micro-pigmentation, Revisions, and finally FUE into the scars which ultimately I felt was going to give me the most natural look. I met with numerous physicians and spoke with many others via E-mail and phone. Dr Feller, Dr Bernstein, Dr Charles, Dr Wasserbauer, Dr True, Dr Shapiro, H & W, Dr Basanga, Dr Umar, Bosely, Dr DiStefano, and Dr Cole. Most if not all the other folks I mentioned were extremely helpful in my research and I personally want to thank them.
    Ultimately I went with Dr Cole. Once I ruled out a revision, I felt I had the best chance of successful scar grafting with Him. Since I was going to do FUE I wanted to go with someone who primarily focuses on this technique and had consistent success grafting into scars. I also had an interest in using PRP and Acell to increase the survival rate of the grafts.

    From 1993 to 2000 I had 5 total strip procedures leaving me with 2 large scars on the back of my head. Top scar was 19.5cm x .5cm and bottom was 15.5 x .5cm. Within the last year, my decision to cut my hair extremely short (#2 clipper) became more and more of an interest. I felt it would be the best look considering I was continuing to lose hair. The shortest I was able to previously cut was a #6. My goal is a #2. Obviously the problem with doing this was the exposure of the scars as you can see in the photo.

    This past Monday we began the process of reversing a poor decision I made as a 22 y/o. Most likely to get full effects from the grafting, I’ll need 2 procedures. I’ll know more in 8 months time. The hardest part now is going to be waiting…
    Monday’s procedure produced a little over 1200 scalp grafts. About 720 were placed in the 2 scars and 500 grafts were placed along the hairline and top to blend some density into the sides. Dr Cole used primarily a .8mm punch for removing most of the donor grafts. The current hairline was OK but it did need a little softening. Both PRP and Acell were used. Based on those numbers, we have about 40 grafts per cm2 in the scars. At this point (day 3) everything seems to look good. For those who have had a HT, they will probably agree the most difficult part is the local anesthesia. Because of all the scar tissue I have from previous procedures, I was expecting it to be quite uncomfortable. The use of a blunt tip cannula was used to limit the discomfort and I have to say it was a big improvement over my previous procedures.

    As for my experience with Dr Cole and his staff, I have nothing but great things to say. My experience was nothing less than what I would expect for anyone going though procedures like this. His staff was friendly, professional, and genuinely concerned for my comfort and care. Dr Cole spent a very large amount of time with me pre-procedure going over our goals and expectations. He does the entire graft removal and recipient cuts. He did do some of the graft placement……how much I don’t know. I was there for almost 10 hours so there was a lot to remember. We spent a good amount of time discussing the HT industry. Overall I received a pretty good education on the science of a Hair transplant.

    As time goes on, I’ll update this post with photos of my progress and hope to answer any questions people may have.

    Photo 1 - #2 cut
    Photo 2 - Pre-procedure
    Photo 3 - haircut I'm hoping to achieve and area on top we grafted as well.
    Photo 4 - Day 2 donor site.

    Thanks for reading…
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    Good luck with the results NEguy.

    I don't blame you for not trying and risking a scar revision.

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    Look forward to seeing your updates, best wishes on achieving the outcome you hope for.

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    well done and all the very best - Heal and grow well!
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    I am not a doctor or medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions expressed are my own unless stated otherwise. Always consult with your own family doctor prior to embarking on any form of hair loss treatment or surgery.

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    I wish you the best as well NEguy. Your scalp then did not have the laxity for a revision or did you just not want to risk the same thing happening?

    Getting 40cm2 into the scar is a great start. Hopefully, most of the grafts will survive. I agree that two sessions of FUE will be needed. Please keep us in the loop.

    Thanks for sharing your case with us and I personally wish you the very best in the results.
    Independent Patient Advocate

    NOTE: I am not a physician and not employed by any doctor/clinic. My opinions are not medical advice nor are they the opinions of the following endorsing physicians: Dr. Bob True & Dr. Bob Dorin

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    Thanks Guys. I'll update with some pics at Day 7. Gotta say the PRP leaves a mess. Now that most of the stuff is removed I can really see the scars. He really packed them in. Little raised and red at this point which is to be expected. I started using Aloe gel today on all the grafted areas to help with the redness and healing....I'll be using that going forward. For the last few months I've been taking Biotin 5000mcg, tocomin suprabio Vit E, and MSM. I did stop 10 days prior to procedure but started back up few days ago. Sorry Top, no liver for me! I will say my hair is growing outragously fast. it's already at 1/8" and its only been 4 days post. Once I get to 1/2" I'll be all set till the grafted hair grows. man if there was only a way to bypass the 3 month dormant stage.

    @ gillenator.... I did inquire about doing a revision but the answer I got was it may be 50% smaller or 50% bigger. Plus I have 2 scars. If I did them is sections which was suggested by the NY doc it would take me 5 sessions with 8 months between revision. A lot of people are getting great results with grafting so it seemed the best approach for me. Besides, I just didn't want to go through the strip healing again. Been there 5 times. I was done. I had a good donor supply for FUE plus can always tap into Beard for filler if I need.

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    looks good , look forward to the updates , the aloe defo helps i got a plant and break the leaf off , really helped the donor area heal
    now just the long wait !

    all the best


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    Thumbs up

    Looks good, you’re in good hands with Dr. Cole. Thanks for keeping us posted and I look forward to seeing your progress.

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    7 Days post-op.... so far so good. Bottom scar is a little angry as you can see. Both are very raised compaired to the pre photo's. Obviously way to early to evaluate the donor area but there's a good look at a large quantity of them. Have to say it's nice to actually feel hair in the scar areas.... To bad I'll be saying by to them shortly.
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    Thank you for your nice comments. Your scar area is healing well and looks fine for the first week post-op. We are glad that you had a pleasant experience here at our clinic. We look forward to seeing more photos in the next few months.

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