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    I am 19 days post-op from my 390 grafts. On Day 5, i almost didnt see any scar because of the little hairs and scabs that made things blend. However, by the second week most of the hairs started falling off with the scabs and now the scar appears similar to what it did before the surgery.

    Neguy. Does this sound similar to your experience?

    At this point its just a waiting game. I am going to try to grow my hair long to give me some relief until the hairs grow in.

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    I got a question for Wiley and Northeastguy. I am at day 57 waiting for my fue into scar to grow. I am trying to debate is it better to wear your hair long and hide a scar or keep it short and wear a hat? At this point my scar is too disfiguring to go out in public at a 1 guard. I am trying to be a man about it but I'm not sure which is the better evil. I hope I get good growth because at this point I refuse to grow my hair long when I look 10X better with short hair.

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    Hi northeast guy,

    Does your beard area still look good this day (no dot scars)?

    Did Dr Cole ever tell you why your beard hair never grew into your scar? Im scared this will happen to me, except mine are FUE scars, not FUT scars. I simply want to get rid of dot scars.

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