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    Default UK Starting Big 3 - Just Niz + Fin to begin with? + Buying Advice Pls!

    Hi there

    Just another guy starting to thin on top and hoping to do something about it. I have done quite a bit of research but just hoping for some personal/practical advice here please (long time reader of the site, first time poster). I am in the UK if this can help personalise the advice for me!

    I'm 23 and still have my hair but definitely starting to thin (has been thinning I think for the past couple of years), everything I have read suggests that it is better to start early with any HL treatment so here I am. My hairline is a little worse than it has always been however it has always been quite high anyway - I cut my hair short FYI.

    I have been using Nizoral for about 6 months now and it has made a difference (I feel). Now I think I am going to begin the Big 3 (which I have read is the most effective course of action).

    Is it advisable to start just with fin, as a pose to starting straight away with fin + minox? I am assuming if you were going to go with 1 it would be fin as a pose to minox?

    I have looked in to the many sources of buying fin, from buying generic fin (finpecia) from (as what appears to be a good option for UK people according to the forums) to the Boots Hair retention programme.

    I think the former would cost £229 for 13 months and the latter would cost £360 for 12 months. For paying the extra £131 (and losing out on the extra month) I would get the peace of mind from buying from an obviously 100% reputable high street pharmacy, selling from what I have read, branded propecia (as a pose to generic finasteride - yes I am aware they do supposedly contain the same active ingredients!).

    Just a note on the ukfinasteride website it looks horrendous and all my instincts tell me to stay well away from it, based on the look of the website and that it is a .info website - but it does come highly recommended by some forum members from what I have read. Can you ever be 100% convinced to buy on the basis of recommendations from forum members alone? Is the extra £131 worth paying for absolute peace of mind?

    In an ideal world I would be buying generic fin that is legitimate cheaply.

    Last point, a 12 month batch of regaine from boots also costs £189.99 which isnt too bad - I also heard you can get 25% off products from boots so potentially brings it down to £140 ish - so £500 for a complete 12 month supply of branded fin and minox from boots at a high street pharmacy doesn't sound too bad! Maybe thats just me!

    Certainly if somebody said you can retain your hair for the rest of your life in exchange for £500 per year I would probably take that. Fortunately I earn a decent enough living to have this (very arguably vain) perspective!

    Hope to get the thoughts of (preferably UK) forum members please! Thanks

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    you can buy kirkland Minoxidil Liquid which is very cheap and apparently the liquid has better results than the foam, but is more messy.

    in regards with UK finasteride i am in the same position as you I dont know what to do I cant afford to pay 80+ for one months prescription. So I have decided to go for them and by the Proscar, I actually sent them an email asking about their drugs the reply is below.


    There is no way to prove that the medication is genuine. All I can say is that we have been providing the service for over 3 years and we have dozens of recommendation on the most scrupulous hair loss forums.
    If we were not providing legitimate medication we would indeed be shot down straight away. We certainly would not be recommended by the Spex a well known hair loss authority heavily in the media and on the forums.

    see some positive testimonials here;

    The medication come in original boxes by MSD. Rest assured they are 100% legitimate.

    HOPE this helps

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    hi, I'm a uk guy too!
    I was apprehensive about ukfinasteride too, but after doing some research I took the plunge and bought Finpecia of there. It was great. Fast delivery and a genuine product all in original sealed boxes. I can only assume the website looks so 'crappy' because doctors can't make web pages haha...

    As for starting minox, I would give fin a try for a year, who knows you might be a really good responder and may not need to start minox. But if you use them both together you won't know!

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    I'm not a huge fan of how that website looks, but it is legit. Lots of people use it. I don't think using the Boots option really offers anything over just sourcing it yourself from websites like ukfinasteride.

    As you say you're thinning on top I imagine you have a diffuse pattern. It definitely sounds like you'd benefit from using the Finasteride and the Minoxidil in combination.
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    Thanks for the replies. Yes in an ideal world somebody would take what they receive from ukfinasteride to a lab and find out exactly what they have received. There seems to be somewhat of a leap of faith when you buy from a source like this, buying as a result of the recommendations of people on the internet.

    I was thinking perhaps I would be better buying from one of the more well known online pharmacies (if I were intent on buying generic fin in a hope to save money) - like inhouse pharmacy or something. I think their prices are comparable if not cheaper than ukfinasteride.

    To be honest the £229 to £360 difference between buying from a source where you would need to take this leap of faith, and boots, an obviously highly trusted uk pharmacy, doesn't seem too big. IMO!

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