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    Default How Long Before Fin Stopped your Shedding

    I don't mean the Fin induced "med shed". I decided to start fin when I noticed my hair shedding more than normal for a prolonged period of time (Several months) and it started to look thinner.

    So how long after starting fin did it take to stop the shedding (or at least a high % of it)? Are we talking weeks, months?? This question may not apply to all fin users as I assume some people are on fin who were not heavily or noticably shedding before they started it.

    FYI - I am doing the Spex method of slowly tapering the fin into my system (Started at 2x per week for 2 weeks, than 3x per week for 2 weeks, than 4x, than 5x, etc).

    I also understand this may differ a bit from person to person but any experiences/feedback would be appreciated.

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    Just looking for further info, not trying to high jack the thread. As the poster has stated his hair looks worse, what generally happens say after a year, do the hair improve its state or continue to look weaker?

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    I had a pretty intense shed starting in January or December. This is when I realized I was losing my hair. I'm a diffuse thinner. Since starting fin 2 months ago the shedding has slowed down... I think.... but has recently picked up a bit with the introduction of minoxidil 2 weeks ago. I mostly shed thin, clearly miniaturized hairs. I don't mind shedding if those hairs are being replaced by thicker, darker hairs, but I don't know if that's going to happen yet. Such a shitty situation waiting to see how you respond to treatments...

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    There is no exact answer to your question. Some patients noticed a decrease in shedding within the first few months while others do not see any slow down for 5-6 months. Even worse as I am sure you have read on this forum some patients actually have a increase shedding period shortly after beginning Finaasteride treatment.
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