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    Quote Originally Posted by Jcm800 View Post
    14 months on Minox foam personally now. Shed like a mofo within a month on hairline and it never recovered. Good luck. I wish I never touched the stuff.

    That makes me worried. I'm a diffuse thinner so my dermatologist told me to use it all over the top of my scalp, including the hairline. I'm in between NW2 and NW3. Since I started Rogaine, my hairline has gone to hell and so has the area an inch past the hairline.

    Tracy- at this point, should I stop applying it to this area, or should I continue and hope it grows back?

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    Not trying to scare anyone. I started applying it and loved it, used to to style my hairline! But after 4-6 weeks I had a very sparse hairline left to style. But as Tracy says-it's not recommended for hairline use anyway. Personally I'm carrying on, too scared to stop

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    From Dr. Robert Bernstein's website;

    The original studies on Rogaine were performed on the crown, so there is a misconception that it only works in this area. Although minoxidil usually works best in the crown, it also works to a lesser degree in other areas, such as the front of the scalp, as long as there is some fine (miniaturized) hair in the area. It does not work when the area is totally bald. The greatest benefit from the medication is seen from 5 months to 2 years, with a gradual decrease in effectiveness after that. Those using minoxidil long-term will continue to lose hair, but at a somewhat slower rate.

    Minoxidil increases the duration of the hair follicle growth cycle (called anagen). This improves the quality of the hair by increasing the diameter and length of fine (miniaturized) hair. It can also induce a new anagen cycle to begin. Minoxidil is a direct stimulator of follicular growth (via VEGF and prostaglandin synthetase1) and also stimulates the proliferation of dermal papilla cells2. Unlike finasteride, its effects are not related to androgens. The simultaneous use of minoxidil and finasteride, which directly inhibits the formation of DHT, may have some synergistic benefit in the treatment of hair loss, although finasteride is significantly more effective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThinningB420 View Post
    Tracy- at this point, should I stop applying it to this area, or should I continue and hope it grows back?
    Your dermatologist can see you and examine you in person. I cannot - and I am not a doctor. If your dermatologist feels it can help you, you might want to follow their advice.

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