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    Default how often do long term Propecia users shed?

    I have been on propecia now for a little over one year and while I certainly don't shed like I did in the first several months of usage, I do have a shed every 3-4 months which lasts about a week or so. I am not losing a "crazy" amount of hair but somewhere in the neighborhood of 150-200 hairs a day which is enough ;-/

    anyone who has been on propecia for over a year or several years also still experience sheds 1-3 times a year and if so do you always eventually grow back what you lost?

    thanks for all feedback.

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    Those are just normal hair cycles. It's good for your hair, they rest, then come back stronger and thicker[if you're on finasteride or not]. Don't panic, every one, even non-MPB, go through hair cycles. It's completely normal. But finasteride sheds are a sign that thicker hairs will grow.

    If you have MPB and are not taking finasteride, when you have a hair cycle, the hairs come back thinner and thinner every time. So don't worry if you're on fin.

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