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    Default Impact of vitamin D on hair loss?

    Is there any impact on hair loss due to low vitamin D levels? My dermatologist said pray for low vitamin D levels before I had my blood work done. It turns out my blood work was fine except for low vitamin D levels. I had a 15 while the normal healthy range is 30-100. Is this a significant deficiency, and what impact does it really have on hair loss? I was told to take 2000 ICUs of vitamin D daily.

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    It's probably vitamin D3. Which comes from sunlight. Or you can just take it as a supplement.

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    Apparently most people in northern North America are deficient. I too had an extremely low level (I am in Toronto), and was also told to take 2000 IU a day (for 3 months, and then 1000 IU a day after that).

    I highly doubt it has anything to do with your hair loss.

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