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    Default 39 hairs in the shower??!?!

    never bothered counting before.

    in the shower, i only ever see 5 or so hairs on my hands after shampooing. today, for an experiment, after the usual couple of hairs being seen on my hand, i decided to rub my hands through my hair for about 10mins. i counted 39 hairs. my hair is pretty long right now, but doubt that would make a difference?

    i mean, i have no thinning whatsoever. sure, i have a slight mature hairline, but i'm 20. i expect that.

    what the hell?!

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    10 minutes of rubing hair is quite a long time... tho I don't understand how is counting hairs that you find on your hands irelevant... I think that more relevant thing is how much you find in snower drain or something after showering.

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