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    Default what are celebs doing?

    for example pro athletes such as David Beckham and Tom Brady both had hair loss issues (brady had a HT) and now they both have full heads of hair with great hairlines. Apart from their top notch HT surgeons can the wealthy afford or even know about medication used that the general public does not know about in terms of treating hair loss?

    Do you think celebs use generic fin or use better brands or different medication?

    I don't mean to sound ridiculous but it seems that celebs who have suffered from hair loss nowadays seem to have full heads of thick hair.

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    Paramount studies paid to have matthew mcconaughey's hair fixed a few years back. I think the article I read said they paid 40K for whatever he had done.

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    They can afford extremely high quality hair pieces also, the pieces these days are amazing looking and when you have a professional stylist on staff who can tweak it to prevent it from being easily seen...

    hell, even from a few feet away you can't even tell "in real life"

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    These people have teams of stylists who can do wonders with concealers and wigs. Hollywood magic also includes carefully controlled lighting and camera angles. In some cases, hair is recreated digitally during post-production. Even seemingly candid public appearances are often carefully choreagraphed events which celebs devote a lot of time to preparing for. The simple reality is that many of these people don't look as good in real life as they do on the screen and in pictures.

    There are no effective hair loss treatments available only to the rich and famous. Just look at all the balding celebrities. These are men with plenty of money whose continued livelihood depends on their looks, and yet so many of them are still losing their hair.

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    It's tough to know with Beckham. He was thinning in the crown but now has the hair longer. His hairline has always been solid. I'd say he's probably on finasteride and that's about it. His hairloss was never that bad anyway.

    Brady is a mystery. It is possible to get a great hairline back even with FUE so who knows.

    No chance either wear pieces.

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