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    Default Beard Rebuilding by Dr. Mwamba

    This 30 year old patient came to see us because he had no beard to speak off. With he felt that his baby face did not give him the air of authority in front of his peers despite the high position he held.
    We suggested transplanting scalp hairs onto his beard with a density between 40 and 50 follicular units per cm2, to give him a shape (not necessarily to have a dense cover).
    Here you can see his results 2 years and 5 months later.

    Satisfied with the first experience we decided to go ahead and rebuild his sideburns. We chose an untouched area to extract the grafts.

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    While I can't imagine wanting to take hair off the scalp, this is impressive work. That hair transplant stuff really does have an artistic aspect to it.

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    Thank you for the compliment. Hair was taken from the area where the patient is not likely to go bald.

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    I just posted on one Dr. Mwamba’s other results stating that most of the scalp to beard hair transplants that I have seen looked a little strange, but after seeing these results I think I just changed my mind. This looks excellent! Very impressive, some of the best FUE for beard or otherwise that I have seen on the internet.

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    Thanks. Dr. Mwamba is very meticulous about the "natural look." He works hard to make sure there is no detection between transplanted hair and original hair.

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    Bump! Just thought I'd revive this thread. Any photos of the patient following his last procedure (ie. beard, side-burns)? Thx.

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