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    At NW7 I think it would be even easier to treat if the patient is willing to take extreme action such as getting a full transplant. And they wouldn't need to bother with any propecia or other medications because their male pattern baldness has already reached its worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VictimOfDHT View Post
    I don't know why they keep saying it's unnatural to have a hair line of a younger person when you're old. I don't buy this BS. There are loads of men who are into their 60s and 70s and have hair lines like they're in their teens and they look natural. So, does Jay Leno look like a freak ? I envy him.
    Because guys like that look feminine and it's just not normal. Years ago I had a friend who said she would not date a guy that had not lost any hair by 40 because it meant things were broken downstairs.

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    Surely there could be a way of permanently attaching a wig type hair thing that looks 100% natural that was safe and would not cause any discomfort or issues with styling or washing/maintenance.

    Surely this is much simpler than mixing some chemicals together and hoping they help grow hair.

    Just get some sheep fur and glue it to my head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VictimOfDHT View Post
    What are you talking about "30,000" hairs? The area that's bald -in most men- are bigger than the area that remain covered with hair. If the average person has 100,000, there's no way the bald area only has 30,000 hairs. They say there are at least 700-1000 hairs in a square inch. So, 30,000 (hairs) = 5.5 square inches @ 1000 hairs/s i. The typical bald head has way more than 5.5 s.i bald area.
    typically 30-45000 hairs achieves the look of a full head of hair (with about 50-60,000 being a real full head of hair, and im not talking about the other 40,000 hairs everyone has in the horse shoe as well)

    (bare in mind most people don't even notice their hair has even thinned until they have lost 25-50% of hair)

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