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    Default 25 Year old 2700 FUT Hair Trasnplant/ Dr. Keller Chicago

    Hey everyone,

    I just received a 2700 FUT hair transplant through Dr. Keller. I started noticing that my hair was thinning at the early age of 17. At that age.. it's a nightmare to wake up to see hair on your pillow on you sheets, in the shower.. it was a nightmare... I had tried Propecia, rogaine, and other hair supplements. Propecia seemed to slow down my hair loss, but never achieved the results that I wanted for a full head of hair.

    I was always self conscious about my hairline.. It had become the primary source of my obsession through my high school and college years. No one likes to feel or look older than they really are! As the years went by.. my self-confidence started to go down the drain... I used to go out and have fun with my friends and never had a problem socializing.. but this awful disease known as ALOPECIA nearly crippled my social interaction with people. I know some of you may think man up! shave your head, deal with it.. But that wasn't an option for me.. some people don't look good going bald..

    After some research and consultations with other doctors, I met Dr. Keller at North Shore Hair Transplant in Deerfield, Il. Dr. Keller was extremely nice and helpful. he was thorough about the procedure and educated me on the process of the FUT method.. Dr. Keller assured me that the FUT procedure would not leave a noticeable scar due to the two layer trichophytic closure method.

    So the big day finally arrived. I had set my appointment picked up my pre-op medications and was ready to get my hair transplant. I arrived in the morning and was introduced to three assistants that would be responsible for manipulating individual hair grafts and inserting them into my donor sites. Before the surgery began we discussed possible hair line options. I felt like my head was a drawing board for the past 10 minutes because of all the lines marked on top of my head . After we agreed on afinal hair line, Dr. Keller examined the back of my head for elasticity and possible incision sites for my donor hair. He mentioned that there was a noticeable scar on the back of my head (thanks to my brother when I was 12) and that it could be removed during the excision of the donor site. I was pleased to hear that because that scar had been bothering me for YEARS!

    I was nervous at the time but the nurse assured me that everything would be fine.. (after the valium started to kick in).. Dr. Keller prepared the local anesthesia... This was by far the worst part of the operation.

    So for about what seemed to be 15-20 minutes.. Dr. Keller had finished excising the donor site on the back of my head. The two layer closure took a long time.. almost as long as the excision of the donor site. This is perhaps the most important part of the procedure to prevent scarring. After the closure was complete the assistants took the donor site and immediately began dissecting them into individual hair grafts. Dr. Keller began making incisions on top of my head and created a new hair line. This process was very lengthy and extremely tedious. Luckily I was able to watch a couple of DVDs during the whole process. I found it extremely unnerving to hear crunching noises on the top of my head.. (that was the skin being pierced after each incision). About 1 and a half hours the incision was complete and the hair grafts were reading to be implanted. There were about four petri dishes filled with rice grain looking material.. The three assistants began implanting each of the hair grafts into the incisions marked by Dr. Keller. This was by far the most boring part of the operation. Imagine three people hovering over you spraying some kind of liquid squeezing things into your head while you're watching TV. Luckily I couldn't feel a thing during most of the operation. The two assistants were Lithuania or Russian I think and were speaking in their native language perhaps they were complaining on how much work they just got themselves into! haha. Dr. Keller monitored the entire operation. The nurse, Susan, was nice and made sure I was well taken care of. She checked on me often to see if I needed something to drink and even offered me to choose something out of a menu for lunch. After the surgery, I had asked the doctor to see my new implanted hairs. They looked at me and said, "uh.. are you sure" .. and I said yes. I want to know where money looks like on top of my head. It was a mistake because I looked like I had just gotten into a fight with a lawn mower.. After the surgery, I was wrapped in gauze and bandages. I looked like tupac. After the preoperative instructions, I was given a wonderful surgeon's hat to wear on my way home. This was by far the most embarrassing part of the surgery. People stared at me as I walked to my car. I nodded smiled took the surgeon's hat off and started running after them.. lol no.. I didn't I cowered went into my car and drove happily home. I am know on a slew of medications given by my doctor, but I am extremely pleased to finally had this procedure done! Hope you guys enjoy my story and please ask me any questions!
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    Congrats on taking the plunge and thanks for sharing all of this here. For someone who started losing their hair at such a young age, you look like you still had quite a bit for them to work with. The topical pain injections aren't actually the wrost part, the worst part will be the next few months while you wait for the hair to grow in but it will all be worth it in the end : )

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