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    Default Are diffuse thinners good candidates for HT?

    Just as the title suggests, I'm a diffuse thinner. Don't follow any Norwood pattern at the moment, besides a receding hairline. However, with the current hairless pattern, am I a viable candidate for a procedure?

    What determines if a candidate is viable for a procedure?

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    Diffuse thinners usually donít make the best candidates for a hair transplant because the donor might not be stable. I think it depends on the person.

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    Hi JJacobs152,

    Diffuse thinners are more vulnerable to shock loss from the surgery. Since shock loss does not always recover, this can lead to a person being worse off after surgery than before.

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    Diffused thinners should always have their entire scalps examined under high powered magnification (videoscope) for signs of miniturization. This includes the donor zones. This will inform both the doctor and patient where DHT is impeding, noting any loss of hair shaft diameter.

    What is the most advanced class of loss on either side of your family history?

    Are you on Propecia by chance?
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